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Link-Up Poetry


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Simple rules, last line of each poem is the first line of the next one (and you have to write it ofc).
Theme, Stanza length/amount, (no)rhyming scheme etc can all change. For the sake of good reading, it's preferred (by me) for the poems to be 2 stanzas or more, but that's up to you.
Oh, and titles would be nice if you have one, but arent compulsory.


Quiet little thing,
Peaceful and calm,
I wander about,
In the place called Night.

Loud and humming,
Beats and a rhythm,
I dance and shout,
In the place called Night.

Dozing and resting,
Comfy and warm,
I sleep in bed,
In the place called Night.

Light flickering,
Machines are buzzing,
I sit up and work,
In the place called Night.

Darkness falls,
The moon it rises,
I stare up and wonder,
In the place called Night.

So the next poem would start;

"In the place called Night..."

Edited by Grido
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[u](~The One Called Night~)[/u]

In the place called Night
Where the shadows call
To those without sight
We stumble and fall

And this weary life
Our eyes are blind
Not a soul can see
Ahead or behind

We cower in fear
Of this darkened place
This day without light
The phantom called Night

Edited by The Great Wanderer
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This phantom called night;
everywhere, I hear its call
crawling, grabbing,
standing tall.

Paranoia, heart beats, screaming lungs;
fear sinks into my mind
stealing, hiding,
I'll never find.

I awake to find this fiendly friend;
singing me a tall tailed story
dancing, laughing,
in malignant glory.

But Night shall pass, like all things do;
Remembered temporarily yet,
dying, fading,
as I would like to forget.

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As I would like to forget
Those moments
I'll put all remnants away in a box
Attic bound and dust collecting
Touched by eight legged feet

As I would like to remember for sanity
I'll burn this message into my skin
An inky hidden
Depth squid ridden
Anchor wedged can show to me

As each letter hits the screen
I'm reminded of flashback scenes obscene
This courtesy, not where it should be
Ethane soaked depravity
A friend to me

As the echoes yell and scream
As the tellings in the spite
As dictated by your height
You won't see where I've been


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You won't see where I've been,
You won't see where I'm going,
I will be anywhere,
I will be anything,

I will be the air you breathe,
I will be the drink you sup,
You won't own me anymore,
You won't owe me anything,

You will hear no more from me,
You will scare noone else,
I won't hide anymore,
I won't turn my back,

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I won't turn my back
from all my hopes and dreams.
I won't cry for less
but I'll rip it from the seams.

I won't tell you where I'll be
in all my destinations.
I won't wander anywhere
close to your stipulations.

There's no where to run to
with any place to hide.
There no one to cling on
your time has died.

There's no way to explain this
you won't understand
There's nothing in my pocket
so I hold it in my hand.

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So I hold it in my hand,
This simple rock you gave, bland.
With a single goodbye,
and a kiss, I confide,
My once found utterly lost.

The lattice pattern, a speckled splatter
Matched my wrinkled palms so precise,

The start and stop lost its mark
And I my veins ran cold with granite.

I should have known,
My eyes were marbles,
Breath as tough as gravel.
You were the flower,
petals as smooth, too grown.

With this rock, the love-swept token,
I only know it's tough, to be broken.

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I only know it’s tough, to be broken.
I know the precipice is sheer
when fragile truth remains unspoken
and destiny is left unclear.

But still I take it in my hand
this mist that twists with my delight,
particulate throughout the land
whose wispy tendrils take my sight.

The fog’s enshrouding lassitude
benumbs my senses, deep and warm
with promises of love renewed
and phantoms of my lover’s form.

Into the twilight I am led
to walk the cliffs above the sea,
in sympathetic stillness fed
by Autumn’s dancing mystery.

The swirling paths of leaves I take
and offer thanks for what I find:
the love of life without mistake,
the fascination of the mind.

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To learn what is the best left unlearnt,
I have traveled through lands wide and far.
To teach what I have learnt,
I first seek myself in my mind, at war.

War with acquired knowledge, ethics.
War with myself: Should I share?
In the end I teach a few tricks,
And leave them be under other's care.

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And leave them be under others care,
For they have to somepoint breathe some air,
To coddle and cuddle is no fair,
Let them have a little dare,

It all started with this great affair,
Between a woman and a great big bear,
Many looked upon and weeped with despair,
And thought that she should prepare,

When the children came they named one Pierre,
Another Herbert and the last Voltaire,
There was an issue with their hair,
And they seemed to like to stay mid-air,

As they grew their mother was aware,
That her children were not fair,
She could not cope she did declare,
And so they were taken from that disrepair,
Thus ending the love affair,

Edited by Grido
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Thus ending this love affair
upon mine own intentions
I promise you I won't be right
nor would this all continue.

I end this sultry love affair
for better woes and weeps
and not for bitter tears, I swear
as I must continue on.

I bereave myself upon this love affair
so desperate and contemptuous
there seems nothing less to lose
except on withered legs I walk.

The end of this love affair
taste sweeter than all reward
however distasteful it may be
I promise I'll walk with it yet again.

Don't forget this love affair
in all its rusted taste
as the stains won't wash away
from dishonorable acts again.

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From dishonorable acts again
That tawdry taste
Just tell me when
I saw the back light fade
Quite forbade time and again

Electric touch across my skin
3D delight not pixelated
Replace the static from plug in
I felt the half thats whole
Such saddened soul, yet still elated

Notation left on yellow pad
Out and about today
When homeward bound shows up the lad
What will the mistress say?
To play with fires leather clad


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To play with fires leather clad,
To play games with the devil,
Or to use that little O,
Firefox, Explorer, Opera,
We use you all for reasons many,

That fox of fire,
Entwined about
That orb of blue,
Your adaptability rules them all,

That blue e,
The hellish spawn of Microsoft,
You are but,
Forced upon us all,

That round little O,
Low RAM usage,
Is why we pick you,
But you are not as known,

We pick,
We choose,
Or are we just puppets?

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or are we just puppets?
of the unseen puppeteer
hanging about on strings
we like to call fate

are we clowns
ever smiling
ever lonesome inside
in a world we call a stage

are we victims or
delusional victors in a game
so engrossing so real
we call life

are we master manipulators
of minds, our own
imagination so ripe
over to the stars we fly
so queer yet so tangible
the world in the balance
of our dexterous palms

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Of our dexterous palms,
Of our murderous eyes,
Of our heathen dark psalms,
Of our self-sacrifice,
Of our nuclear bombs,
All you hear of us - lies!

Of our hard working hands,
Of our children at play,
Of our warmth towards friends,
Of our faith when we pray,
Of our invaded lands,
Could you see us that way?

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Could you see us that way?
Or would you look the other way?
Would you ignore what you see?
Or Would you makebelieve what you see?

Are we the same as you?
Or as every other person next to you?
We are of the same kind are we not?
Yet you believe we are not?

Now the question one is to ask?
is the question what makes us so?

You breathe, You eat, You sleep, and you die
We Breathe, We eat, we sleep, and we die.

All so similiar yet
You separate us so.

Now Ask youself,
Why are you so differnt from us
Yet we are so Alike

Edited by Mr Mystery
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