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Avatar Origins

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Well by chance I found this pic on the internet, and I am sure I have seen it similar somewhere into MD and someones papers and reference to Loreroot? Looks copied 1:1.


Similar topic, the drawing from [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/gallery/member/3725-allyce/"]Allyce[/url], the pic
is as well found on the same internet website. The artistest itself uses it as his Avatar there [img]http://a.deviantart.net/avatars/s/k/skinpupcoss.png[/img], so I wonder who is the inital artist is:


Edit: The inet artists claims this is his origin work...

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For the second picture (allyce's work), is it entered on the system as avy?

Because from what I see, she has some drawings inspired from other stuff (like wil e. coyote and Kuchiki Rukia), and there's nothing wrong with redrawing other's works for fun as long as you don't actually enter it to the avy system.

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I'm a little bit confused....i made something wrong?

yes indeed, my draws are inspired from other artworks, but i don't think this means cheat cause they're made by myself...

so..i'm not actually get it ... :|

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As far as I know, there is an ingame Avatar looking like this, right? But isn´t allowed to look like others work, because ingame avatars are claimed as property of MD, therefore the MD tag on them. So the only problem is here to remove the avatar ingame. It is not allowed to reproduce others work for the avatars.

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oh, i understand...but i don't know who has that avy....

and anyway my draws are made by me, by my hand..i red a topic where someone (i don't remember who was) just changed it a little bit in photoshop or something else..

i don't think they are identical, mine with his on deviant...

but sorry for this mistake...i have some avys...they are draw in the same way...sorry for that...

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no the first ist not an avi, only some pics i have seen around in md anyhow.

Good news all! :cool:

The artist has written me this:

[b][i]I'm completely ok with the gamer using it as their avatar, but am 100% not ok with them claiming they are the creator of it.

As long as they give credit to me as the original artist, I give permission for them to use it.[/i][/b]

I am not aware if this is still an issue on the MD avatar, because it has the MD tag on it.

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Any avatars in MD are claimed as 100% belonging to MD, this is why direct copying or heavily copying another artists work for submission isn't allowed as the original artist has the ownership and hasnt given permission for it to be sold to MD (i'm not saying you had bad intentions, just a legal standpoint). It is also stated on submission that you should have the owners permission to use the material you're submitting.

As a harsh comparrison (i cant think of another example off hand, so i apologise for harshness of analogy, a car isnt really like a drawing at all) it's like someone stealing a car then selling it, the new owner thinks they bought a nice new car but the original owner still owns it rather than the new owner.

Using an image in your personal papers is fine however as there is a copyright tag below it saying it doesnt belong to MD.

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By chance, has anyone noticed this heavily followed avatar in the game? (I believe it belongs to Kittiness...)

[url=http://www.resimlersokagi.com/data/media/26/elven_chainmail.jpg]first image[/url]

[url=http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/forgottenrealms/images/thumb/f/f4/StormSilverhand.jpg/250px-StormSilverhand.jpg]second image[/url]

I would have mentioned it long ago (like, when I first saw it because I immediately recognized it), but it just sort of slipped my mind every time.

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It's the armor I'm pointing out... Straight out of the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Dungeon Master's Guide. The armor is the same in all three images, and the pose is very similar, yes.

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