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Inventory Audit


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Well, quite a few item requests has been made to the Crafters, and raw materials were requested to make the said items. In roleplay context, these items were consumed to make the items, and what is left from them is just bits and leftover pieces. These items are stored in the Material Vault, and after a while, they will be redistributed to the realm (via methods to be discussed on another topic to be opened soon). Below is the list of the items currently on Material Vault, and who they were obtained from and to make what items. Since some of them were made quite a while ago, please let me know if I forgot to mention anyone or made wrong mentions(I should probably remember who I get an item from once I look at it though). In the future, I'll try to update whenever an item is made.

-Piece of Cherry Wood

For a topaz adorned guitar

-Piece of a Bone

For a bonesaw

Esmerelda, Marvolo and Tankfans

For a flute, a lute and a staff respectively; I couldn't remember which plank was used for which. The staff also used ground garnet.
-Cedar Plank

-Red Spruce Plank

-Jomon Plank

-Garnet Stone

-Adamant Alloy

-20 Silver coins

-4 Gold coins

-Amethyst Stone

For a sword, gold/silver furnished crown with amethyst, and gold/silver furnished ring

-Large Iron Ring

-Winderwild Feather

For a feather sword with iron hilt.

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Well, the one who requested it was Alyon, although the item was given to the alts (and subsequently gathered to his main..). The list above is the list of the player names that requested the item, not the actual account to which the item was given.

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