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[size="4"][u][b]School of Magic – hosted by the Savelites Church.[/b][/u][/size]

[u]1. Applying to the school.[/u]

Anyone who wishes to study at the school of Magic, should adress themselves to a Savelite Monk.
[size="2"][i]When you apply, you can donate coins to the Church, that will be used for future Projects/Helping people. Donators have a chance to get approved before another applicant, but it is not an ultimation for being First.[/i][/size]

[u]2. Discussion of the Application[/u]

After beeing discussed by a Jury (consisting of Savelites) he/she will be accepted or denied (denial will only be done under heavy circumstances and with good reasons.)

[u]3. Test I
The applicant (now called Novice) will get a series of tasks, in order to prove himself.
They will be judged by the same jury that approves his/her application.

[u]4. Test II[/u]

After completing test I, the Novice will need to set up a project themed “Help someone” (Or something else like that)
He presents the project before the Jury, and they will decide whether or not it is approved.

[i](completion of this test makes you able to join the Savelites Church, for this will be a standard procedure for joining the Alliance.
The novice will get the Title of Monk if he joins the Savelites.)[/i]

[u]5. Test III[/u]

The third and last test consist of getting the recommandation of All Loreroot Leading figures. (Firsanthalas, Mya Celestia, Tarquinus and myself)

After getting these, the student will get his WishPoint.
(The WP is to be used for a spell, but of course this cannot be forced.)

(If the person is a Savelite, he/she will now get the Title of Caster Monk, and will be able to seat in the Jury.)


[u]Only 5 persons Maximum can be going trough the school at once. [/u]

Question: [u]"Do I need to be a Savelite to apply?"[/u]

No, Everyone can apply, whether he/she is Savelite or not, LR or not - whatever.

[b]Starting date not yet sure[/b]

PM me In Game / Forum me any for questions.
FAQ's will be posted below. Silly questions not...

Edited by Prince Marvolo
Grammar ; )
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