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And So It Ends...

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If you had indeed heard the full story or talked to me about this then you would have realised by that late stage the rumour got to you it had already been dealt with.

And if you actually talked with the person involved then you would have realised how pointless your post is.

But now it merely propagates a false rumour. Please do not take decisions without knowing what actually happened.


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Not to mention you may take into account the wishes of the person himself.

So, I just suggest you do NOT post these kind of things when you yourself don't see the full picture.

I'm saying this as a mod, we did what we ought to have done, but you however act unlike how a user of a forum should act: simply by posting like that.

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  • 9 months later...

*distored image in the mirror*
Murs answer
A seal was made a seal has now been broken. Account Dmik King (age 702!) was sacrificed in return of Granos life. A deal is a deal, Granos has been released. I remind you that the lock on the account was not a punishment for something.

*Mur looking at a pitch black mirror, reflecting nothing*
Murs answer
..nothing..literally..nothing..i wonder if i can grab it

*Mur standing with the back to the mirror, not seeing what it reflects*
Murs answer
Are you who you once were? am I who I once were? Time makes scars, scars make character ..i will leave now, who walks behind me in that mirror i shall never see.

(..confused? then then you might respect the fact that these words are just for those that understand them)

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