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Weaken As An Attack Skill?

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Alright, I've been studying creatures, abilities, stats, and various boosts and auras they have. Its come to my attention that weaken defense is an attack skill, my question is shouldn't it be a power skill?

Some creature have the power attribute indicating things like, spellpower, healpower and any kind of power that is not direct damage or defence. Power attribute of player will be divided to existing creatures during a fight.

Actual damage done. This value is canceled by enemy defence value and damage done is always minimum 1.

If I'm not mistaken weaken defense doesn't do any damage.

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There are two types of abilities; indirect and direct. Indirect is based on power, and has some unique setback (ie. Steallife has a cap, martyrism damages self, etc.), while Direct abilities (attack-based) all have a common setback.

Mur made Weaken Defense attack-based for a reason, don't you think?

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@Darigan & Yoshi

Why do you narrow this to mind ?
Why don't you think as something that cripples or disables or incapacitates.

Or better yet ... leave it as is : something that weakens the defense.

Also ... does it really matter ?

PS: I think that continuing this discussion on how it is ... might lead to some spoilers. If so ... please consider NOT posting them.

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I always thought of weaken defence as targeting the enemy's armors instead of their body (like, smashing their shields/armors, skinning a drach maybe? O_o). Therefore, a physical action whose strength is determined by the same stat as attack, yet does not directly damage them. Makes perfect sense to me :blink:

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Maybe a weaken because of the attack skill?

Principally, in all any kind of fight, an attack will get the enemy defense weaker, weaker armor coz of strong attack damage, weaker initiative coz of lot repetation and fast sequence attack, so i think yes for me, you may say a weaken is an attack skill or atleast a weaken affect because of the attack skill..

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