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Roleplay Without Speech?

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I know of a few different types of communication some characters use, for instance Virtuous Pride has split personalites. Virtuous does not speak he only acts and motions with his body language, while Pride his other half does speak...although rather rudely at times.

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I remember there was a dog character that could only bark (and probably bite too)... until she magically changed into a woman.

I hope you'll stay in character, I'm certain it must be tough being unable to communicate leisurely with people, but it can certainly lead to funny and entertaining stories too.

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I think that non-speaking communication in role playing can be fun and challenging too. It is fun to watch everyone try to figure out what Ludwig is trying to "say". If at all else fails, speak back to him in "clackish". :P He may have created an entirely new language!

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You don't have to talk or roleplay to enjoy this game. I understand your reservations about society, as I am not the most sociable person myself, but do consider this is a PVP game and that not communicating with other players can leave you relatively weak.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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