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Tournament Of Champions

tokens or not?  

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Last clarification of the setup and rules for this tournament

2/3 duels per match-event of a tie the lowest margin of damage attacks first 3rd duel

No Tokens, 0% prayer power

Scene Only crits-No shop crits, no drachs, morphs, or other special crits. only the crits you can get from the armory, loreroot, Marind Bell, and Necrovion.

I believe good stratigic rituals can be made from the creatures availables this is back to the basics. and theres a wp to the winners.

I ask that the attacking participant send me or Nimrodel the fight log of the duel.

one final note I will set up matchs when both particpants can be online this may mean that fights aren't done in exact order or one right after the other but they will all be done as soon as possible(I think I've prolonged this a tad too much.)

The first fight will more then likely be tomorrow between MRPip and CrazyMike. Duels will take place outside Sages Keep unless otherwise specified.

small edit:reminder no spells or combos

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[quote name='Esmerelda' date='20 July 2010 - 07:55 PM' timestamp='1279652140' post='64251'] [size="6"]People i request you to send me all your fight logs when this happens... Person who sends me the

Reins are shop crits. Winds are not. Morphs are not. If you were to make such a rule (crits only from one scene) then you'd end up with dull fights. And instead of variety you'll have just reall

[color="#FF0000"]Name withdrawn from the competition. But my offer still holds good...[/color] [size="6"]People i request you to send me all your fight logs when this happens... Person who sends me

I can't predict when I will be online this week-end but I will be online for sure Monday starting with 10:00 server time.
Then I still do not get it: what do you mean by scene crits?
If we fight in Marind Bell means I can only use crits that can be recruited in Marind Bell?

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only crits that you can get from in game scenes such as

the armory
ravens peace and war hold in loreroot
the angien shrine and winds crossing in marind bell
way of cleansing and [spoiler]beserkers charge in necrovion[/spoiler]

those scenes all have creatures you can use.

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Ah...so basically you say all crits that can be recruited in game except shop crits+morphs+winds.

[s]And did you leave GG out on purpose or it just happened? (aka are GG drachs allowed or not)[/s]

Thanks Yoshi.

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[quote name='Yoshi' date='23 July 2010 - 08:12 PM' timestamp='1279915949' post='64451']
yeah, unless your forced to use only newly aquired crits T.T

Thats all i can do..May Sky bless me.. :)

About the win count for mp4 and mp5,use the "victorious" system or battle log win count?

(btw i'm on everyday around 12.00 svt - 00.00 svt)

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Phoenix, if I understand your question. the answer is just a win you do not need a victory.

Mike the fights will take place at sages keep at an agreed upon time by me and the two participants and probably announced in the mood panel for anyone that wants to watch.

Easiest way to copy battle logs is for the attacking player to copy the detailed log page from top to bottom, paste it in a pm, and send it to me :)

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We have our first winner. With 2 very close battles CrazyMike has beaten MRPip.

First Duel-Pip attacked
... CrazyMike WINS!
51.213483% vs 48.9039%

Second Duel-Mike attacked
... CrazyMike WINS!
41.468354% vs 44.65%

Edit:erm I've realized a bit of a dilemma in my MP5 bracket, that being that I will end up with 3 semi finalists....Theres 2 ways I've been presented to deal with this. 1 I try to find 4 more mp5s that would like to participate, or 2 I set up the 3 finialist on a sort of round robin set where 1 attacks 2, 2 attacks 3 and then reverse the order 3 attacks 2 2 attacks 1 If anyone loses twice they are out.

Which would you prefer? Or if you have them I'm open as always to other opinions.

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We have our second winner with one very close battle and one near blow out dst has prevailed over Phantasm.

Firs Duel-dst attacked
... dst WINS!
30.557377% vs 34.91954%

Second Duel-Phantasm attacked
... dst WINS!
81.410072% vs 6.109589%

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We have another winner-With 2 superb battles Sephirah Caelum outdid adiomino to move on to the next round

First Duel-adiomino attacked
... Sephirah Caelum WINS!
62% vs 2%

Second Duel-Sephirah attacked
... Sephirah Caelum WINS!
17.605556% vs 18.916667%

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We're are on a role today ;) second match of MP4 is dusted Hu Plung Pu defeated Kyphis

First Duel-Hu Plung Pu attacked
... Hu Phlung Pu WINS!
59.078947% vs 99.5%

Second Duel-Kyphis attacked
... Hu Phlung Pu WINS!
54.165468% vs 29.733333%

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annnnd the winner is....Clock Master whom defeated Sajura

First Duel-Clock attacked
... *Clock Master* WINS!
43.40625% vs 91.149927%

Second Duel-Sajura attacked
... *Clock Master* WINS!
96.487603% vs 90.613636%

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We have another winner-Handy Pockets valently held off Darrydabbys creatures

First Duel-Handy Pockets attacked
... Handy Pockets WINS!
52.746667% vs 82.841121%

second Duel-Darrydabby attacked
... Handy Pockets WINS!
50.735294% vs 36.293333%

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Mr Mystery-mp4\

The Pheonix-mp4\-The Pheonix

Hu Phlung Pu-mp4/-Hu Phlung Pu


Fryd Argentus-Mp5\


Clock Master-Mp5\-Clock Master
Sajura Oninay-mp5/

Sephirah Caelum-mp5\-Sephirah Caelum


Handy Pockets-mp5/-Handy Pockets

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