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Not a new thing.

(I think) This happens because whenever you get attacked, the game sends a signal to the attack icon and tells it to light up. When you're idle, it can't do this, so it stores it. When you get attacked, say, five times, the give you one lit up attack icon for each attack, but since, like messages, it only shows the latest one, you see the same one again and again.

Simple solution: Log out instead of idling, or deal with it, because it's not a huge issue.

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Keep getting the attack click and notification but shows "This battle was forgotten or never took place" under the crossed swords. Goes on constantly for last two days the whole time I am on. Have refreshed, restarted, hard booted etc. but still the phantom battles go on behind the scenes.

ID:219901 Stipple

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Very old thing - numerous threads about it in the past, not for a fair ol while though.

Tis indeed a flash bug, should've sorted on refresh, try clearing cookies & cache instead.

There's a short list of known bugs in game, look along the top header bit and click "Known Issues"

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[quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1309935981' post='87209']
please read this thread before posting Bugs, http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/2904-posting-bugs/

Always check a forums pinned topics before posting in the forum, they are generally important.

I apologize for not being clear enough in stating the refresh option listed in the known bug (resolutions) did not work nor did restarts, cache clearing etc.

Since the recursive loop was not being resolved by any means under my control I ended up working with Freedom Scientifics' support team and they were able to help me get functional again.

The issue should now be ignored by my interface and I won't have the attack sound and voice constantly coming out of my speakers and making my dog jump.

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