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This story is true, if not totally consistent with the facts.

The Lay of the GGG
by Fyrd Argentus

The Golden Globe Gazebo is, the subject of this song,
And how the GGG did rise, and how it did go wrong,
Why some found life there in a win, and others sought to end,
What they saw as a mortal sin, so sought our wills to bend.

When MD Realm was new and all, first sought to find their way,
The elder players were on top, the younger they did slay.
The agony was fresh and new, no end they saw in sight
But some young men their plight did rue, they said this is not right.

A Brotherhood of Dark was formed, in need of a physician
In secret places they conspired, to better their position
No more would they be kicked and beat, no longer they would heed
They would not serve as veteran's meat, they would no longer bleed.

The Brothers found their secrets dark, of war and of technique
That would their fighting spirit spark, and change their status bleak
They learned it fast and had to grin, as veterans came to fall
But all downtrodden wished to win, so sought to learn it all.

All who came to GGG, the Brothers did protect
The place of ritual pretend, and battles to elect
And so the beaten and the broke, came to the GGG
For they were safe, 'till "burst" they spoke, no further need to flee.

But then the Brotherhood did yearn, to seek a higher place,
Their lofty status they did earn, they pushed a higher pace,
So left they then the GGG, the others for to run
For better still they sought to be, and share their secrets, none.

New Warriors now had their own chance, to teach their creatures well,
In GGG they could advance, their numbers then did swell,
For without GGG their life, was toil without hope,
The Veterans gave them only strife, and hung them on a rope.

And then the Children even came, to grow up straight and nice
They never sought to play the game, of fighting cats and mice.
You see they sought a life of ease, their creatures won them praise
To garden grasans if you please, and winderwilds to raise.

One among the Veteran crew, saw trouble on this road
So many players lived and grew, but never grief had toed
They did not understand the lore, the Brotherhood had taught
Their fighting skills it seems were poor, their power served them not

So up a step he offered all, a place to learn to fight
Puzzle wars and ritual, to tackle and hit right
He said the GGG was bad, to fight the phony way
The GGG would drive all mad, to grind away all day.

But not all sought to raise them up, for loved they their position
They did not care to see young pup, advance in their ambition
So each tore down the GGG, for different stated reason
And sought to make the warriors flee, and said the place was treason.

The cat was first, she loved a fight, to make all others hate her.
To hold her back from any fight, was opposite her nature.
And Chaos brought in all the jerks, who crashed through GGG
Scattering all the careful works, hitting all that they could see.

But arrogance then came to town, the daddy of all boasts
Who bluntly said he'd shut it down, and murder all the hosts.
He said he'd teach them better forms, at willow's shop, you see,
If you'd crawl to him like baby worms, and sit on daddy's knee.

Now Mur above was silent still, he took no vocal stand
He said no word, to show his will, as lord of all the land
But note that all the children are, still safe from Veterans' wrath
And all are taught to gently spar, by teacher in a bath

So now those who most need to learn, to stand up in a fight
Continue to their power earn, with ritual "not right".
And no more Warriors can be found, in GGG or Park
They do not bleed in no-mans-land, instead they work in dark.

Like Brothers then of old they toil, their practice they pursue
For Veterans make their blood to boil, the thought of them they rue
They grind their weapons and work as one, and wait for their big chance.
When tables turn and Veterans run, their day of sweet vengeance.

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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