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This is to anounce that as a technomage i have managed to create items
and would now wish to offer my service to the public.

[b]NOTE: i am in no way replacing the crafters. That is there main role.[/b]

I am offering to create some small items for people
but there are many rules to what can be created.

Also note just like the crafters it take 1 x WP to create an item.
yes it will involve the use of materials.

I will also post whom i am currently creating an item for
and depending on the itme on the time it teakes to make.
that will be decided at the time of creation.

Also to create an item may also cost you a fee.
also to be agreed to at time of creation.

Yrthilian Technomage.

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I didnt say i can offer anything diffrent to them.
I was more saying i can offer the same as the crafters
This was a goal i set myself about oh 3 years ago to have this ablity
and offer it to the public.

(I notice i got a neg rep for this too strange that to be honest)

The option is there if people are looking to get items created
all this really does is give 2 sorces for item creation.
this is after all what i had been workign towards since i created my character

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[quote name='(Zl-eye-f)-nea' date='26 June 2010 - 12:18 PM' timestamp='1277554693' post='62701']
Well this is interesting, if i had a mass of wps i might even say exciting, but i dont so i wont :P

Items from ye Technomage sound ...extra... expensive, I assume the quality is to match?


Having a mass of WPs isn't as exciting as people make it out to be :)

But congratulations on gaining the ability to make items Yrth, I know that was something you have
wanted for a long time.



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Well as a Technomage
I can creat many diffrent type of items
but yes i am better at smaller items for example
mechanical component pecices.

It really depend on the type of item you wish to get
a hold of. I do try to add my own little twist to
what gets created.

But i get your point. What can i really make and make
with good high quality. Well that depends on the quality of the
material given. Weapons are not my speciality to be honest
a good staff or a small dagger i can do. Rings, amulets i can
make but only with good materials.

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[quote name='Chewett' date='26 June 2010 - 04:18 PM' timestamp='1277565523' post='62709']
So where does the commision and raw materials go once you have attained them? i know that the crafters dispose of them correctly and fund quests with any profits, But what about yourself?

Well i certanly wont be keeping the materials
and IF there is any costs incured for an item
beeing created well thoes fund may be used to
aid another as i really have no used for Gold
or silver. I have plenty of my own.

Materials will find there way back out into the
realm so as to be used again and again :P

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