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Announcement – Alliance Cleanup

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Hereby I want to give my reasoning and information according to the Total Cleanup* of the Savelites Church Alliance.

1. I want to make a whole new fresh start. I think that is understandable and reasonable.

2. When I became leader, I had sent a PM** to All Savelites, cointaining by ideas, plans for the future, and some things that needed to be enlightened a bit.
Goldfinger Earthicus left after talking to me. And I Respect and Understand his decision.
The other Savelites Decided to stay – so I make from that that they were ok with me and my decisions.
This leads to 3:

3. I have sent a second PM**, asking all Savelites to make a little project, related to the Church (Etc etc, that doesnt matter right now) and only 1 bothered to respond 1!
That leads to 4:

4. What can I possibly do with people who dont even bother to reply to a PM?
I dont want to blame/accuse/flame (whatever) the Savelites with this. But these are just my observations.
You dont bother to do something? Then please leave?
If you are away, Ofc that is possible! But let me know?

5. I do not WANT to do this, I do not LIKE to do this, I don’t want to be this evil Dictator, kicking everyone, etc etc. But to keep some order and clarity, It is necessary.

6. I Did discuss this with other people, and based upon their feedback I made my decision.

*Removing all Members from the Alliance.
** All Savelites have read it.

This topic will be closed, to avoid any forum rants/flamings/etc.
If anyone has problems with this, send me a forum PM / in game PM

Any attempts to contact me via threads Will Be Ignored.
I hope you understand this.

Removed members can of course come back.

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