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[quote name='dst' date='19 June 2010 - 04:19 PM' timestamp='1276964395' post='62266']
Ok...are you people MAD? B-day topic for someone WHO IS NOT PLAYING FOR MORE THEN 1 YEAR! Grow up!

ps:tomorrow I will close it

Well it shows you who is important and who isn't. Obviously my birthday a few weeks ago didn't stack up :)

I am actually very happy to hear that savel has been gone for a year already. May we have a few more uninterrupted years without his presence.


PS In case you may wonder why I fervently disliked savel, he was a dishonest mean little man-child whos absence makes MD a brighter place. Happy 1 year anniversary of his absence!

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I personally don't look on "today's birthdays" that much Cutler, I noticed some few times on really weird situations, do not think that people don't value you just cause you didn't get a birthday topic.
well happy belated birthday Cutler. May your programing skills go above Bill Gates :)

People make their own opinion on some people, and that's fine, but there is really no need for you to attack someone on such a subject (birthday), who isn't present, and the chances are will never be able to respond.

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