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Festival Of War And Remembrance

Metal Bunny

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[quote name='I am Bored' date='21 June 2010 - 10:31 PM' timestamp='1277134263' post='62427']
wait..... there was only 1 war......... and it was truely a war...... the battle at the house of liquid dust was the last and some might say only real battle in the war....and they didn't lose..... no-one lost, khal went in and never came out, that's all there was to it.......

and yes i will participate...
Actually, Khal's army did 'lose'. Khal stated that attacks from Morrel and (forgot who the other one was) has really wore him down, and he pulled back to the house.

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[color="#8B0000"][font="Palatino Linotype"]Mya Celestia, +500 days, Guardians of the Root, MP5
Day 1, 2, 3
List: Firsanthalas, Tarquinus, [size="5"]Metal Bunny[/size], Grido, Ailith, Granos, Calyx of Isis, MRD, Cryxus[/font][/color]

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[quote name='Lifeline' date='22 June 2010 - 02:49 AM' timestamp='1277167759' post='62452']
PS: the 1 point that goes to whoever looses the most battle...if a fight goes for 20minutes alliance member have a disadvantage there they can only be attack once whil no ally member can be attacked twice.

Yeah, but either you leave your alliance for a short while, or you attack to lose. Besides, people in alliances have an advantage, if they are fighting to get most wins.

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Rules for fights on day 1:

No creatures that weren't available back then are allowed.
No tokens were there back then.
There was only 1 shop reset.
Creatures that were available, but needed so much age that no one could use them in the war, are not allowed. (Windy and Angiens)

As such;

No tokens!
No more than 2 imperial aramors, bloodpact archers, jokers and GG drachs.
No younger creature types; Rusties, Reins, Windy, souls, priests, pimps, angiens.

Please send me a screenshot of your battle log. Every 10 fights or so. It's only for 20 minutes so you can't have that many screenshots to make.

If you catch someone breaking the rules, please send the battle log and not a screenshot.

Thank you :)

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Cons: Confusing! I wasn't sure where to go or what to do. Kill Grido? Stalk and kill other teams? Stay and defend the gates? I would have liked a bit more direction. Also, was there supposed to be a specific outcome? Or just a crazy, fish-throwing, flute-stealing, mud covered free for all.

Pros: Fun, despite having to fight with creatures I had recruited only moments before the fight.

Looking forward to today.(Edit: Atlas pointed out that the 24th is a day of tranquility, so...how we gonna fight?)

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Well, we either postpone it, do it before 0:00 or..
Roleplay ftw :)
Also, I decided that the creature reward for this day will just be part of a reward later on, so no worries.

And this time I'll try and direct people more.

Edited by Metal Bunny
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After careful thinking, I have decided that it's better to post the full stories, until after the deathmatch trivia.
This is because of 2 reasons.

1: It's unfair to people who did go to the GoE and listen to the stories.
2: This may yet again, seem unfair to people who couldn't come because of real life issues. However, the deathmatch trivia rounds consist of 5 questions, 1 about each war and 1 about a random legend, as such, even if you only could come to 3 days, you should be able to win the trivia rounds.
If you were incapable of coming to 3 seperate days of the festival, then it's out of my hands and you probably wouldn't have had time or knowledge enough to seriously compete in the trivia deathmatch anyway.

As such, I will post the war stories, not the ingame logs, in either the MD archives, or the forum, or both, until after the deathmatch trivia is over.

Also, rewards for day 1:
Those who got points for the re-enactment; Pamplemousse, Mya Celestia, shnappie, Lightsage and Lifeline.
Lifeline is the one with the most wins, he gets to pick a creature.

Day 2:
Well, much like the real war, there was no roleplay worthy of mentioning, as such, no points ;)
Day of tranquility, meaning no points for war.

Day 3:
Points go to Lightsage, Mya Celestia, Nylah Raynen and apophys.
Lightsage had the most wins and gets to pick a creature, after Lifeline.

Day 4:
Points go to Pipstickz, shnappie, Manda and Sephirah Caelum.
Pipstickz had the most wins and gets to pick a creature, after Lightsage.

Day 5:
Points awarded to people who reminded me of 'legendary' people whom I forgot to mention during the stories.
4 points to Grido ¬_¬, 1 to Manda, 1 to Pipstickz and 1 to Ravenstrider.

Day 6:
First 16 with 4 points total will go on to the deathmatch trivia endphase.
So far:
1: Grido is the first to be placed with 4 points. 15 places left.
2-6: Mya, Lightsage, Manda, shnappie and Pipstickz. All five have 2 points each.
7-11: Pamplemousse, Nylah Raynen, Lifeline, apophys and Sephirah Caelum. All five have 1 point each.
12-16: Nobody.

Edited by Metal Bunny
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[u]Day of Trivia (Buns is lazy tonight ^_^)[/u]

11.clock master
15.Amoran K Kol

[u]Deathmatch[/u] [W - Win, L - Lose, DNA - Did Not Attend]
Grido(W) vs Granos(L)
shnappie(L) vs Ailith(W)
Pipstickz(W) vs clock master(L)
Lifeline(W) vs apophys(L)
Lightsage(W) vs Totenkopf(L)
Burns(W) vs Manda(L)
shadowseeker(DNA) vs Amoran K Kol(W)
ravenstrider(W) vs Sparrhawk(L)

Grido(L) vs Ailith(W)
Pipstickz(L) vs Lifeline(W)
Lightsage(W) vs Burns(L)
Amoran(W) vs Ravenstrider(L)

Ailith(W) vs Lifeline(L)
Lightsage(W) vs Amoran(L)

Lifeline(3) vs Amoran(4)

Ailith(2) vs Lightsage(1)

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Thanks Grido.

Btw, for the creature rewards of the re-enactment, you can still pm me.
I will post the stories later. Not the questions.
If you won in the main deathmatch and you got a choice of what you want, pm me or post here.

I'd love some feedback as well.

And yes, I know, some questions were vague.
And yes, it's my bad. But, you have to understand, I made all the trivia questions in one day (157 of them), and I couldn't get anyone to judge them. Because most people wanted to join in on the fun as well and others were unavailable.
Maybe it's my fault because I didn't start soon enough, but you can blame the World Cup for that.

So uh.. Feedback please? ^_^

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fun, but the lag kinda broke the trivia/DM - for a few questions including the last one in the DM first round i was getting the question and the first answer(s) at the same time on screen - prolly didn't help that i was in the first round against the winner :))

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I enjoyed the trivia, though I only wish I hadn't of been so out of it when trying to answer questions. Ah well, it was fun! Thank you for holding this event, Buns.

Though next time, I'll try to help out more when you decide to do another event like this. Especially with the trivia questions.

Edited by Amoran Kalamanira Kol
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It was well done, you worked with what you had, and didn't over reward people, some of the re-enactments were a complete mess, but that mainly due to people not really paying attention, but the important thing was that people did at least have fun in the process. The re-tellings of the events were well done from what I had seen, probably a bit subjective to some but done in a way that it didn't seem to press people buttons making them go into a foaming at the mouth frenzy stating "Nu uh, you is teh lies!" The trivia was really amusing and kudos on the logic questions, although I did find some of your harder questions not to be as hard as they should of been but that is just my subjective opinion. You provided everyone with an equal chance on the trivia too, which is probably one of the best aspects of this event, giving people all the details prior taking away the main advantage vets would have over most of the newer players.

(also sorry for sabotaging you again Grido :P)

I hope you continue making events like this, at least to varying degrees, it would be interesting to see this become an annual event in md and how it would grow and be compared to prior ones. That said, I do have a few complaints in regard to the festival, the lack of logs which I will keep bothering you about :P and the complete lack of cowbell.

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I'm waiting for someone to give me the WPcodes, it's easier for me to give out all the rewards in one go.

Also, I have uploaded all the stories of the festival at the archives.
Go to MD-archives.com to read them.

Uh, admin/mod? I can't edit the additional pages, so all the paragraphs are stuck together, forming one long solid wall of text.

Anyway, enjoy reading it :D

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And now a feedback from me:

Even if I haven't been able to attend all the festivities, I really enjoyed the ones I participated at. I loooved the re-enactment of the battles. I enjoyed the trivia contest (up till I fell asleep). Bravo Your Fluffiness!!

Now the bad stuff :D
-don't do things like this at 00:00 (normal people like ME usually sleep at that hour!)
-"Dst, she, who used to be a he, is engaged to Grido." and "Grido.He is engaged to Dst." not to mention "being good at puzzles, except when it comes to my riddles." All of those are LIES!!!!
-don't let Lightsage win more drachs. He will soon need to buy slots to host all of them!

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