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Negative Lost Hp For Enemy, Even Though He Lost 100% Of His Crits

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I was attacked by a full ritual of Animated Tree III. All they did, was cast protection and regen, so a non damaging ritual. The battle ended with all the attacker's trees dead, and in Sword Balance for me. But still I received negative exp for all my critters. Now this sounds like a bug to me, although it's possible I'm just missing something here since I'm pretty new to the game and all =P

If it's not a bug, would someone be kind enough to explain this to me. =)

Here's a picture of the battle.

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[quote name='Tarevon' date='15 June 2010 - 04:55 PM' timestamp='1276613707' post='61926']
I... see.

Well doesn't that basically mean that anyone can take out my creatures xp to 0 if they happen to feel like it :D Or am I missing something here.
That is exactly what it means, and not just of your creatures :D

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Okay, ouch :D

Well then, as a follow up question: is this kind of behaviour acceptable?

I mean, there's nothing a new player can really do against something like this, other than have a reserve of unimportant creatures for defence. Or maybe there's some way, but I just don't know it yet :D

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it is not against the rules, but it's frowned upon to do it deliberately at mp3.
you might also find it's not just regen, the relation of damage to exp you just had to 'discover' is true for each kind of negative damage.

also, yes there is a way to protect yourself from the effects that go along with negative damage. as you said yourself, a new creature without exp or a maxed creature are a good counter against losing creature exp. as for the other effect, i'm sure you'll find out yourself :D

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Thanks for all the answers :D

I've noticed the effect of negative damage before, but always figured that if you outdamaged the regen it would counter the negative damage. What I mean is that now the negative damage seems to stack, but the postivie damage seems to be constant. Instead of both of them being constant or stacking, which to me would be logical.

So the way I understood it works now is:

Creature starts with a hp of 2000. This is the amount you can deal positive damage to it and no more (or maybe the highest hp amount the creature can have?). Even if you actually deal a lot more due to the regeneration.
On the other hand the negative damage stacks, so if the enemys creature managed to heal 10000 damage before dying, you'd end up with -5000 damage?

Because if the positive damage stacked like the negative does, I would always end up with positive damage that would match the creatures starting HP. If the creatures lose 100% of their HP that is.

Anyway that's the way I understood it from the battle I posted above.

But it's good to know that it's at least frowned upon :D Puts my mind at ease a bit.

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Only regen stacks that way, not all kinds of negative damage.
You'll find that regen doesn't actually add VE on the creature that regenerated, that's why you can't destroy that VE^^

Not everything is logical, and some things have to be illogical to keep the game running at all... you'll find out what i mean some day :D

And, when that happens too often, find me at the Gazebo of Equilibrium and we'll see if we can do something about it =)

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