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Mya Celestia Is Dead


The Golemus Drachorn  

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It pleases me to announce the end of this story quest, and I hope most of y'all had as much fun as I did.

The poll above will help determine the winner of the Golemus drachorn.

[u][b]Wish Points[/b][/u]
Wish Points are awarded for a high level of quest [i]participation[/i]. In general, roleplaying is important to a story quest, but there are other factors, including combat performance, reasoning, and overall involvement. The following player characters, in my opinion, did much to help bring this "story" to life:

[*]Kyphis - very solid involvement from start to finish. Impressive, and a pleasure to work with.
[*]Lightsage - I have to say, this player character really surprised me, involved early and full of constructive comments during Act II.
[*]*Mya Celestia* - Not just for being a good sport about being murdered (we did not ask her permission), but for outstanding roleplaying and yes, good generalship.
[*]Totenkopf - for being very funny and making the whole thing more fun for all involved. Hail Eris!

[u][b]Honorable Mention[/b][/u]
If I hadn't spent all my silver and then some on mercenaries, I would give some to each of these player characters, who in their respective ways added a great deal to the experience. I will find a way to reward them one way or another.

[list][*]Amoran K Kol - a huge factor in the big push toward the Eastern Lands in Act II. Nominated for MVP by another player who barely knows her and is NOT a Lorerootian.
[*]Clock Master - arrived just in time to stop the Ivorak-team's late rally, and stop it cold with strong tactics. Most impressive.
[*]Dmik King - earned his weight in silver as a mercenary for Ivorak's team. Nearly turned the tide singlehandedly.
[*]Virtuous Pride - provided a detailed medical report of the state of Mya's body early on. I can't praise this player character enough.

Thanks to all who participated. More than one player told me that the quest made them interested in roleplaying, and that, my dears, was the whole point. And we had fun! I also learned some important things about how these things run, so you really helped me more than you might realize.

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heh, thanks Lucius, hope everyone had as much fun as i had! - i voted blank unfortunately to see the results, and can't vote anymore, but i'd vote for Mya (without whom this wouldn't have been possible) or Amoran, who was instrumental in winning some of the fights :D

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