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Help Revive The Willow's Shop (Again)


With or against??  

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Kyphis was right, we have to revive the willows shop! I mean the rules in the sparring ground like no attacking unless permitted or idle are good, but then no one lets you attack unless they have a def ritual set and the xp gain from that is really really low... so if we can make the willow's shop a place for everyone to attack freely...

I saw one last post who no one replied to, and here it is

The willows show isn't all that far fetched of an idea because as most players know that where around during the first festival of MD's anniversary the willows shop was the area to train. Thats where all the players got collectively together and fought it out.
You can in fact see evidence of that in the first release of the newspaper when you look at big C's return article. It was after that that the GOE was the fighting area as everybody migrated and didn't move back. Then that was followed by the skill damage and the tokens which resulted in safe fighting zones with rules which we know as the DOJO and the GGG. If you want to revive willows shop you are actually going to have to set a date for everybody who wants to revive it to show up at once and then if everybody does it should be self sustaining because that will be the only place to fight where there are a large amount of profiles. You would have to do the reverse of what happened when it died.

so i everyone, let's decide on a date, at that date,no one will go to the GGG no one will go to the DOJO and no one will go to the sparring grounds...

nowadays, the only person i see there is Metal Bunny (dnt have enough othorization to call him bun bun or lambchops)
so let's revive it...

and for those who complain about tokens and what not, well even those have the right to try and win... and if we by any chance need loses, well, we'll defenately manage (xcuese my spelling)

thx to all who support,
and why dnt u support to all who dnt

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No, simple because GoE works, too, and people are already there.
Why have them move back to Willow's when
1) GoE works just as fine
2) GoE is the most public place you can find, and therefore perfectly fit for being a gathering point for newbies, too
3) Willow's always interferred with the poor 2-day-newbies who tried to beat the guards

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Better in public eh?

its not as if everyone already knows that GOE is a public location and you can do what you want.

Argos, No matter your good intention, the issue with you trying to do all these movements and such is that you dont really have a good grasp of the situation. You know generally some things, but people will not all come to fight in one location. Unless there is a good reason for them to come, they wont because most people are scared of losing fights.

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lol well srry about that, i am a noob (and no ain't afraid to confess) i send about 5 help requests daily!!!

and well i am learning... so it won't be long... (and plus i am stuck in story mode so theres nothing fun to do in game :D )

@pip, but musn't ppl lose so that they get better and stronger???

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[quote name='argos' date='03 June 2010 - 02:24 AM' timestamp='1275553499' post='60868']
@pip, but musn't ppl lose so that they get better and stronger???
If I attack Player A and win, Player A loses.
If I attack Player A and lose, Player A wins.

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