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Mya Celestia Is Dead!

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Someone has murdered Mya Celestia! Who? How? And for the love of MagicDuel, [i][b]WHY?[/b][/i]

There will be hints, clues, plots, and counterplots.

There will be fights.

There will be consequences.

Wish Points and at least one drachorn will be given as rewards for sleuthing and good roleplay.

Let this outrage not pass unanswered!

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[quote name='druzik' date='08 June 2010 - 10:40 AM' timestamp='1276011605' post='61368'] I think it will be great...ehh now i have dilemma on which side fight...;p [/quote] The side of Justice of

It is a fun quest. That's why I solved it (partially indeed). But i still have done more then everyone else! I answered 2 of the 3 questions. Tarq, you know I am not interested in the "why" question

Finished a bit quickly didn't it? Yes I do.

This is an edited chatlog from the GoE during the initial examination, I would appreciate if a mod would put it in the spoiler box so as to not make the topic incredibly long with logs.

Keith Moon: *mutters* Deep incision wound, about 8 cm wide. Looks like it punctured the pulmonary artery. She died quickly, and without much pain.

Keith Moon: No, it was a blade of some kind. *points* see the jagged edges of the wound?

Keith Moon: And given the amount of blood on her, I'd say she died of blood loss and/or shock.

: Virtuous Pride spies the body of Mya Celestia and the blood drains from his face.
: Virtuous Pride falls to his knees beside the body, motionless at first.
: Darigan watches Virtuous carefully
: Virtuous Pride trembles at first, opening his case, but removes special eyewear, and steadies himself, taking a deep breath.
: Virtuous Pride looks around at those gathered.
: Virtuous Pride tugs on his shirt, and then mimes the outline of a large square.
: Virtuous Pride looks around, a little more frantically, repeating the gesture and tugging on his shirt harder.
Keith Moon: Let's give the doc some room.
Darigan: I think he'd like some cloth
Kyphis: I have a few Oilcloths in my pack, as well as a large towel
: Amoran K Kol stands from Mya's body and moves back a bit, nodding respectfully to Virtuous Pride.
: Virtuous Pride frowns deeply and mouths a curse, quickly removing his own shirt to to cover Mya Celestia's body as he tears open her clothing.
: Kyphis sets down his pack and pulls out two large, folded oilcloths, and a folded towel
: Kyphis walks over and sets the three bundels by Virtuous, then steps back again
: Virtuous Pride leans over Mya Celestia's chest, doning the eyewear to examine the wound.
: Virtuous Pride concentrates on examining the wound, reaching out for a small, metal instrument, pulling the tissue back.
: Virtuous Pride removes the eyewear and searches his pack for a small vial and brush.
: Darigan mutters quietly to himself
: Virtuous Pride brushes a small amount of the contents onto the wound, watching.

: Pamplemousse crouches at Mya's feet and quickly collects a few drops of the woman's blood in a vial, storing it within her robes

: Amoran K Kol watches Virtuous silently, digging her nails into the skin of her forearm.
: Virtuous Pride waits anxiously, his previous tremors subsided.

: Kyphis raises an eyebrow at Pamplemousses action, but says nothing
: Virtuous Pride feels a blow from the side, stumbles a bit, and glares at nadrolski.
: Darigan watches Pample carefully
: Pamplemousse flashes Darigan a sharp, dark smile and stands near the steps again

: Virtuous Pride rights himself and begins to work on Mya Celestia again.

Darigan: *mumbles* you'd know something of snakes wouldn't you
Pamplemousse: Mmm, what's that Darigan?
: [Spell] Tendrils of Shadow - nadrolski

: Virtuous Pride finds another vial, adding its contents to area around the wound to wait again.

Darigan: *takes a deep breath and glares at her with subtle fury* what do you plan to do with the vial

: Virtuous Pride cocks his head to the side as a faint blue glow surrounds the wound.
: Amoran K Kol shakes her head and looks toward Virtuous once more, her features softening to a look of deep sadness.

Pamplemousse: Darigan, if you are going to call me out, you best use your boldest shout. The blood of the innocent is useful in many areas, no?
: Darigan twitches once more

: Virtuous Pride pulls out his tome, scribbling notes.

Pamplemousse: I'll take your twitch as an agreement.
Darigan: *stares at Keith and returns his gaze to Pample clenching his fists* you have no right to that blood
Pamplemousse: I took it, did I not?
Pamplemousse: And you didn't do much to stop me. Nor did you do much to stop the muder of your lovely wife, either.

: Virtuous Pride sits down heavily and sighs, shaking his head back and forth.

: Darigan shakes near uncontrollably
Darigan: You....
Pamplemousse: Again you shake your assent.
Pamplemousse: Did you swear to protect her, Darigan?
: Darigan releases an inhuman growl from deep within his chest clenching his fists as his knuckles turn white
Pamplemousse: *tilts her head towards him and says softly* Did you vow to let no harm come to her?

: Virtuous Pride slowly packs up his equipment and stand, tears appearing in the corner of his eyes.
: Darigan stares at Virtuous his attention breifly diverted
Darigan: what was the blue glow
Darigan: what did you find
: Virtuous Pride stares down at Mya, his lower lip quivering.

Pamplemousse: I think he found that you failed, you betrayed your wife, Darigan. You caused her death.
: Virtuous Pride quickly turns to Pamplemousse, eyes dark, and slaps her hard across the face,
: Virtuous Pride turns on Darigan and backhands him in a similar way.
: Amoran K Kol jumps slightly and looks to Virtuous Pride and Pample, eyes wide.
: Darigan snaps to staring at Virtuous
Pamplemousse: She was such a wonderfu- *holds her hand to her cheek as it burns with his slap*
: Virtuous Pride turns away and stalks off.

Pamplemousse: *smiles* A slap from a dragon, my, I feel lucky today indeed.
Darigan: I did not slap you dear pample if i had...you'd be laid out upon the ground
Pamplemousse: *soothes her cheek* Doesn't change a damn thing, Darigan.
Pamplemousse: If not a slap, then what would you call that, dear Dairy?
Assira the Black: Pample, It was Virtuous who slapped you.
Amoran K Kol: *to Pample.* Her many faces do not smile upon you this day.

: *Mya Celestia* moans softly as she drifts among the pillars of the gazebo

Pamplemousse: Or too many faces, it would seem.
Darigan: *sighs* well that was somewhat useless
Amoran K Kol: Yes.. just as you have.


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It has begun. Not all of it will be random. There will be some scripted events. Don't worry - I will post them as they occur.

Edit: There is no time to 'start roleplaying' or stop - the quest is meant to flow seamlessly with the everyday life of MagicDuel. What I want to see is players getting involved, helping move the story along, bringing their own ideas and character (their characters, too, but I mean personal character) to the story. I do not intend to have the sorts of events where people are standing around watching something occur. I want as many people to be involved as possible: that's the entire point! Let's have fun.

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Using an item called Stone Dagger.
Cause he can. Cause maybe she deserves it :P.

And I can also tell you at what time he did it :D
2010-06-02 04:27:xx (I know the second also but I don't want to freak you out :))).

Now:did I get the wish point for solving the mystery? :D

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Ok. I can be creative with the answer but I still believe I was right. She really deserves it. For all the bad wishpoints she gave. :P

And hey! I solved 2/3 of the mystery from the first shot! And I did it before anyone else. I am GOOD! And I am proud of myself!

Thankd but keep your pats for others that enjoy being spanked :D

And I also know who has the revive spell! Ha! Eat that! :))

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Of course not. Your the only one who knows (and is willing to share) how you "betrayed" necrovion which is the reason Ivorak killed your wife. If you'd win just because your not sharing the information and then submitting it the entire quest would be wrecked.

I also have something to add to the how: Salt was used to prevent the regenerative abilities from working

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First, lightsage - I like that. You are bringing something to the entertainment. Keep it up!

Second, Darigan (and anyone else who cares): the "quest" is only partly about the mystery. I promised more than that in the first post on this thread, and I intend to deliver. The point is to have fun, and keep having fun, within the structure of a "real" event" in MD and the consequences of it.

Third, to all others: If this quest seems like a dumb idea, I'm sorry. I've been waiting for something like it for a long time. I refuse to write a quest about "made-up stuff" - the murder of Mya Celestia by another Player Character (Ivorak) using game-mechanical means (the stone dagger) really happened in MD, and is not an event that is contingent upon observers to agree that it happened (as dst helpfully pointed out). :)) No asterisks were involved in Mya's death, and there is nothing meta-gamed about her corpse. You don't have to post here if you don't like it, though your opinions are welcome if you absolutely must share.

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Quite the opposite, I love the idea and I am enjoying myself so far.

If you've set it up the way I think you have, it is also interesting to see how some characters respond to the knowledge they hold. An MD worthy experiment, it's a shame that as far as I can see not more people are participating actively.

I'd have waited till the quest was over in expressing my appreciation but from your pessimistic point of view I thought you could use it :))

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It is a fun quest. That's why I solved it (partially indeed). But i still have done more then everyone else! I answered 2 of the 3 questions.

Tarq, you know I am not interested in the "why" question. That's the least important thing.Mostly because YOU can be creative about it. I mean, even if I was to find the reason I am not sure you would admit it.

And I was joking about WP :P.I don't expect to receive one from anyone for this quest. Mainly because I spoiled part of your fun :)) Secondly because I am not the person "designated" to win this quest. I will be surprised if someone else besides Loreroot people will win it. If I am wrong then I will truly congratulate everyone that designed it.

@Darigan:I know more then you think. And I know how to recognize an abuse when I see one. All you did with your questions is just put some more gas on the fire. You think that you know things? Think again dear Darigan.

Anyway, it was fun. Thank you.

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Sure! I am hoping people other than just Lorerootians will be among the award recipients. So far, I am seeing strong participation from Kyphis, Virtuous Pride, Aysun, Hiebas, and Lightsage, so I am encouraged. :))

[b]edited to include people I just remembered are participating but aren't in LR (to my knowledge, anyway)[/b]

Edited by Tarquinus
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Fun was spoiled? Wow, I couldn't tell.

As to the quest, I am glad that this story quest took place, despite the difficulty of getting it started, it seems to have spiced up the game and added some interest, and a reward or two to work toward isn't all that bad either.

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What else might be uncovered? The reason probably. Which I don't really expect to be a *cough* bright one. But it will be interesting to see what you can come up with. I am amazed sometimes at what people think.
Anyway: good luck with the quest to all contestants. It will be tough to spot the "right" reason. Looking forward to see the results :P

@Amoran: :D of course you will not admit in a million years I spoiled the fun. Nobody ever thought that I might get involved in a RP event. But I did. I did it my way and that pissed you :)). And btw: sarcasm doesn't suit you. Try something else.

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[i][color="#2e8b57"]With all due respect, I think the way it was handled was poor form.  Mya had no idea what was coming and something like that goes against gaming courtesy. With all the recent hubbub about RP, and poor RPing skills, I think this was the poorest form of RP yet.  Ive been playing rpgs for a verrry long time, and simple rules like:" Dont bash another person's RP, or ruin their story and Dont involve someone in a quest without their consent.  " makes good gaming for everyone.[/color][/i]

[i][color="#2e8b57"]Mya may have had her own storyline in the pipeline, and the way I see it, is that she could well be forced [/color][/i][i][color="#2e8b57"]to change her storyline just to fit the RP of others now.  [/color][/i]

[i][color="#2e8b57"]Yes it spices up MD, and makes things intresting, I dont doubt that for a second - I just feel that consideration for others should have also been taken into account .[/color][/i]

[i] [/i]

[i] [/i]

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So, Shara, basically you think that people shouldn't involve other people in anything negative, or undesired, without permission? Scripting or even just knowledge before-hand about something that, in RL, is generally surprising or unexpected, takes some of the excitement and life out of it. This particular case is a bad example, because there's not much you can do when you're dead, but it still applies.

This is why MD bugs me, there's not much spontaneous, crazy stuff, because lots of stuff is at least partially scripted. I love heads contest because it's wild and random fighting, but even that is becoming more and more easy to manipulate into whatever you want.

I'm not saying that pre-planning things is bad, but overdoing it just makes it...well, it takes half of the fun out.

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No murderer asks their victim before killing them... that would be very counter-intuitive.

Mya isn't supposed to be happy about being killed. She's been thrown into a position, and it's up to her to play it how she likes.

MD is a game, you're right, but it strives to be something better. This is a step in that direction. In addition using the "in other RP games they do this" is an awful argument. This isn't other games, this is our game. I can point to many times when people have had their course changed by others: Khalazdad with the shades, Darigan getting his brain cut out, dst's avatar changing, Knator Commander leaving his post, and the list goes on. We are meant to interact, and sometimes that interaction isn't like a tea party.

The reason people dislike the "bad RP" is that it is based on imagination and astericks. This is a concrete activity with real repercussions. I'm sorry if she doesn't like that reality.


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[quote name='Tarquinus' date='02 June 2010 - 04:43 PM' timestamp='1275514996' post='60819']


@DST: Basically everything you've mentioned we already openly knew, save for the murder weapon which, yes, you seem to have spoiled. It still needs to be sought after, however, and the actual root of the motive has yet to really be revealed, and that's what everyone's been debating about since it happened. So really, you've not provided a great deal of new information. :))

@Sharazhad: Forgive me, but I think what you're describing is called 'coddling'. There are a very many great mechanics in MD as it is that, in a sense, coddle a player and prevents them and what they possess from harm, and even player creativity is somewhat stifled for the sake of the soul of the game. However, something like this is completely in bounds and extremely welcome, I think. Someone possessed a tool that was created with the ability to actually slay a player, and they used it. This item was not built in with a 'ask your victim first if it's ok' safety lock. It wasn't meant for that. As Awiiya said, "No murderer asks their victim before killing them." There is good and bad in MD. Part of that bad is screwing over those perceived as good. Mya is perceived as 'good' and just got screwed over. Now, the 'good' can either fight back with some real force of their own or take it. Either way, welcome to the game!

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