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I Wish I'd Rhyme, But I Can Not

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I don't offer to "teach" you poetry, Mur, though I have taught English before. What I offer is constructive criticism and some advice on from whom to steal. :P

You are welcome, and perhaps well-advised, to ignore it.

That said, Pamplemousse has a poem by Neruda in her papers, and it never fails to blow me away.

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ive experimented with poetry for a long time, since i was a boy, but that was only an extension of story writing for me. When i was feeling sad and melancholic i would often write up a poem to help me express my thoughts and views, often i would still feel annoyed and frustrated that what i was writing was not what i wanted to say.

ive run a few competitions and wrote several while ive been on MD and they please me.

People like Awiiya, Phantom Orchid, Ailith, shadowseeker and many others have created amazing poetry and i really enjoy trying to ffigure out them, like a puzzle, and perception is definitly the key. One poem is different to people then another.

In a way i find poetry more intruiging then drawing, because it IS like a puzzle
(especially peoples from different languages and meanings)
i have no proffesional experience nor have i read extensively or researched about stuff, but for me that isnt what its about, we all have a limited vocabulary and i find it a great way of using those words you dont use every day ;)

recently i have been doing this silly Impromptu poetry thing. its produced all of my worst, but some of my best stuff, and REALLLY gives me a buzz. I cant draw, i Used to be able to sing, but i still have my brain, and its VERY good exercise for it. Imagination is an awesome thing, and it needs to be tended to like a garden, so that you may see the fruits of your efforts and this is one way to do this.
It may go against everything a poem is about.
Impromptu poetry (random stuff made up on te spot, in 5 mins for example)
pros and cons

1. not much effort involved to make it badly - childish.

when i used to walk around the supermarket with my mum, about 5 years old at the time, i remember saying "ooo! look rum!" then id prcoceed to ryhme words(and not real ones outta boredom) getting daring and more daring just to see my mums face, her knowing id probably cme out with a "swear" word at the most awkward time :D
rum, tum, sum,lum ...bum!

2. makes a mockery of "real" poetry


1. imagination - inventive
2. social - needs an audience, 2 people involved at least right? the speaker and the listener
3. bravery - some people arnt comfortable because they want things to be "perfect" gives them a chance when they see bad poetry written lol!
4. sence of achievement - gives you a buzz when you make something special just from the top of your head!
5. make people things diffrently, and they are so diverse, everyone would say things different even following the "right" techniques

in the same way your poetry you made, drunkenly at 4 in the morning is all of this but also holds great though and displays obvious skill with both the english language and from you, personally.

i strongly believe that "impromtpu" poetry sometimes strikes more directly to the heart, and gives more away then structuring a poem. Like a dream it "runs" from you automatically and therefore can be judged with greater sincerity.You can find out more about a person that way you know ;)

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