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[u][b][color="#4169E1"]Day 136: Bob The Tree gets vandalized by Ledah while guardian sleeps. The tree is strong and might recover, but not without help.[/color][/b][/u]

My fault! This is my fault! I was not present when Bob needed a guardian, and see what happened. Evil has so many faces, but in the end it stays the same.
I need your help, no, Bob needs you help. If you want to help, gather at the mentioned time at the [color="#FFA500"]path of loneliness[/color].

I have gathered a small [color="#A0522D"]ebony box of purest topsoil[/color] from all lands and with your combined willpower, i will seed it with a [color="#0000FF"]teardrop[/color] and [color="#FF0000"]drop of blood[/color] of mine onto Bobs roots.
Hopefully, this ritual will purify the soil from all negative influence and fertilize the tree with new strength. But I can´t do it without YOU!

Be there, for Bob´s sake.

PS: Be prepared, evil will not stay away for sure.

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[quote]But I can´t do it with YOU![/quote]
So we should stay away then? :blush:

Seriously though, what time?

Later note:

Ah yes, I am losing my eyesight to old age I think :) Although Thursday is not the 18th. Today is and its Tuesday.

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[quote name='Blackwoodforest' date='18 May 2010 - 06:07 AM' timestamp='1274180868' post='59968']
AH you got me Firs :blush: *changed*

Ok, it mentioned up in the header, from 10 am servertime

You can count on me! Um...just send me a reminder when you see me online. X D

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Blackwood Forest: so i shall begin, only a few peoplearound but this need to be anough
Blackwood Forest: *cuts his finger* OUCH
: Blackwood Forest and places a blooddrop into the box
Blackwood Forest: i think of former times....
: Blackwood Forest and shares a tear into the box, containing lovely memory
: Blackwood Forest kneels before the box, arms wide open and screaming to heaven
Blackwood Forest: For Cyclicity and Time, Balance and Syntropy, Darkness and Light
Blackwood Forest: From the soil of Loreroot
Blackwood Forest: the dirt from no mans land
Blackwood Forest: dust from Necrovion
Blackwood Forest: mud from eastern lands
Blackwood Forest: clay from the archives
Blackwood Forest: and sand from Golemus
Blackwood Forest: eternal gods of the magical duelistic world
Blackwood Forest: purify this resources from all evil
: Blackwood Forest looks around and watches all faces and nods
Blackwood Forest: be prepared folks, your part will be needed soon

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