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Alts Bug


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There is a new bug (or god knows what it is) crawling around MD.
The symptoms:you try to attack someone and the alt restriction page pops up. You are 110% it is not your alt, you never ever logged on that person's account or the other way around but you still get the restriction.
What to do: report here, in this topic: write the name of the person you tried to attack and the name of the account you used for attack.

WARNING:reporting fake restrictions thinking that you might cheat the system, will get you a nice little punishment. So don't try it!

Also, let's keep this topic clean, please. Post in here only if you experience the bug (post as I asked: both accounts). If you wish to brainstorm about the reasons of the bug, etc, etc, please open a new topic. Since the bug is quite harmful and can spoil the fun for lots of players I will pin the thread (until the bug is solved)

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