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Avy Notes, Coments Or Question Tool


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When we upload Avys Mur accept them or reject them. If Mur reject them he leaves a comment
telling you why he reject them For example: I don't see MD anywhere. If we put MD in the avy
we can't do anything because we can't leave a note for MUR to see. For example: MD is posted
in the right win of my avy.

The point is too truly fix what Mur ask, and that we don't get confused making changes he truly don't want.

In my opinion if Mur makes a note or comment tool (maybe limited with 250 letters) so we can leave a little
comment (asking you want me to add shades or what you refer to blcak avys) to the avys he reject, we will
get less confused and we won't loose our work changing things he truly don't want us to change.

Please post your opinions and votes.

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yes although there should be 2 places where there are comments, when you first submit it and also after (as you have suggested) also if possible a way to submit an updated version of that specific avatar so as to make it much easier for mur to see what he has already asked about, and that it already has been fixed, as well as to let him see that it is an update to an older version, and it should help mur quite a bit...

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i see thing like this...
you should learn from mistakes. I detail the reasons why an avy is not accepted so you can improve but also remember that for future avatars you will upload. talking/chatting about an avy will waste a lot of time for little outcome. Try fixing the things i say, one at a time, even if that means you will upload the avy 10 times to fix 10 wrong things each time i add a deny reason. So far ppl that fixed the things i asked manage to upload future avatars without making mistakes.


i say: "add alpha transparency"

without the reply ability, you will be forced to search on forum or ask around how to make that, or what "alpha transparency" IS. In the end you find out how on your own.

Now imagine with the reply ability, you will ask again and again about this and i will reply again and again, or even check the things you try to say do that or do that.

The "tutorial" part and support can be covered by the forum and by the other people that managed to get their avatar approved.

Also, from time to time, i will ask you to send hi-res scans of your drawings. If you fail to do that, you will remain restricted from uploading future avatars. Consider them routine checks , not something against you.

Please share your experience with avy uploads and try solving your questions before uploading them again or asking me about it.

In cases that seem ridiculous, for example you place "MD" on the avy but i say it is not, just place it some place else and try again, its probably not visible.

please do not upload same avatar multiple times just to get one approved. I might aprove more by mistake and then later you will get baned (real ban not avy ban) for posting duplicates. If you are not satisfied with a pending avy you uploaded , remove it and upload it again.

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