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ok, im pretty shure i just got this. (but allways there is a chance i searched not good enough, if so, please execuse me!)

so... i saw the "upload avatar" page, to see if my avies got approved took them some time to be approved (4-5 days i think) anyway, i was a bit scared when i saw this [attachment=1692:PWNED.jpg] because i know the Strict rules about clone artwork in md, so as soon as i saw it i posted to Mur a forum PM whith server time and date when i saw it, i didnt upload them twice.

*edit* i forgot to add that i posted it because i didint get a reply from king mur, just in case to play safe, you get my drift, right? dont want to take the fall for this...

Ok issiue taken cared of whith super-fast reply from our King Mur!

topic can be closed

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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