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Savelite Quality Art Company™

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[center] [/center]
[center][size="6"][font="Comic Sans MS"][quote]Savelite Quality Art Company™[/quote][/font][/size][/center]

[/b][center][b]Savelite corp™ is opened for busines.[/b]
[b]Shop will be updated whith new stock offers reguraly[/b].
[b]We allso accept Cusom orders[/b].
[b]There is no shematic on how we work[/b].
[b] We draw what YOU want![/b]

Artists working fot The Savelite corp™:

Artworks from [b]Blackthorn[/b]
Artworks from [b]Sir Kamil[/b]
Artworks from [b]Marvolo[/b]
Graphical Editing skills (example: photoshop) from [b]Blackwood Forest[/b]

Customer is abliged to pay in advance 2 silver coins.
Those coins are to be kept by the artist in case that the Customer changes his mind on the avatar.

artworks of course contain:
Custom avatars, Item pictures, artworks for your papers, basically drawings for any opportunity that you need.

Master Trader of the Church - Sir Kamil
post your desires here on topic,(preferably send me a forum/ingame PM) and he will contact you to make an agreement, he is dealing with all the barters and collecting payments.
He sends you the Finished product.
(unless its a creature. that you receve from the owner)

When you order an Avatar Sir Kamil will send you ingame/forum PM whith the ATC. When you order Items remembe to supply him whith your E-Mail so he can send upload-ready item for you.

*payment controll is wached via "item transfer log*[/b]

Creatures For Sale:

1- Pimped Grassan. No age or tokens.
2- 3 Aramors. 300+ age
3- 3 Elementals. 300+age
4- 5 Chaos Archers. 300+ age

For obtaining creatures, contact Sir Kamil.

Here are stock Avatars that are for sale at the moment:

[attachment=1678:scan00104.gif][attachment=1679:scan0003.gif][attachment=1680:scan0004.gif][attachment=1681:scan0010.gif][attachment=1687:yyyyyyyyyyyy0004 - Kopia.gif][attachment=1685:th_scan00042 - Kopia.gif][attachment=1684:scan00103.gif][attachment=1683:scan00072.gif][attachment=1682:scan0012.gif]

Avatars that were recently sold:

[attachment=1671:babe1.jpg][attachment=1677:ReadyNinja1.jpg][attachment=1676:prisoner - Kopia.gif][attachment=1675:masterBbabe2.jpg][attachment=1674:dragon.jpg][attachment=1673:Bez tytułu.png][attachment=1672:Bez tytułu.gif]

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Damn, wasn't aware that it had gone to auction.
Ah well, I wouldn't have beaten 18 silver anyway for a simple gift ;)

Kamil, can I suggest useing a spoiler tag to hide the purchased avatars so they don't clutter the post, that will make it easier to read. How about doing it in a table format with a column for [Image Link], [Buyer], [Price sold for]?

Edited by Kyphis the Bard
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And when that happens, i'll personally make sure you go to jail for a disturbingly long time.
If you want to be a big cool trader, keep track of your money, the tools are there.
If you're unable to use them, i'll do it for you, but that won't end well for your business. Or your account, for that matter.

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Sorry, but I didn't really know that you do various trades other than that for the church. As I said in our previous conversations, I don't have as much time to play MD now (compared to back in the times), and unfortunately I'm not aware of everyone's businesses.

As you said, I can drop by to GoE to drop the coins, and so I did. I don't really recall seeing your body, and thus I cannot PM you in-game (items can be transferred without the body being visible as long as you logged off from the same place). I was planning to post it on the shop topic afterwards, but it got closed right before I can post. Since there are other interests on the avatar expressed on the topic, I thought it's best to wait for the new topic (this one, that was announced to be opened soon) to let everyone interested know the progress of the deal.

I'm not really sure if the above post meant you still expect me to send PMs aside from forum post to confirm the trade.. but for simplicity sake, I'll drop you a PM.

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Bad news everyone! Mur does not like the beagle or the tiger avatar. Its not MD style. So no more animals (that are not MD style)(bunnies are MD style, dogs and tigers are not)

King Mur sets the rules, we obey them.

avatars that are not MD style will damage MD in a long term.

so, pelope that had payed for the tiger and doggy pm me for refund!

And please dont pay in advance more than 2sc!

Edited by Sir_Kamil
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