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[quote name='Czez' date='12 May 2010 - 06:43 PM' timestamp='1273679001' post='59723']

Specificaly regarding the GGG, what's the difference between alts training in there, and alts elsewhere in the realm like Venger and Gogu, or the Libs?


God woman! You are challenged :D. You make such a big fuss about roles and characters but you don't recognize a role when it hits you in the face!. Venger and gogu HAVE a role. They got it when you were not even playing this game! I will not go into details because I don't want to waste my time explaining things to you: you can't understand. You need brains to understand.
So my advice is: shut your mouth and find something better to do then picking on Venger and gogu.

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Give Czez a break, people.
Seriously, you guys suck at recognizing satire. :) Please return Czez's rep to normal.

But this can be expected.
As an example of the same thing, go watch The Onion on youtube. Then read the comments to the videos. A lot of people think that it's real news. xDDD

Czez, next time put a "SARCASM ALERT" notice at the bottom of the post, for those people to whom it isn't obvious. :P

The original post here is hilarious, btw. :D

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