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Impossible Attacks

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I'm right now standing at GoE, and i have been there for a while.
Neither druzik nor Shape Shifter are, and i can attack them still.

Here's what i know:
Apparently only possible with allymembers of MP4 and 6, allymembers with MP5 get the normal 'user not here anymore' button, not clickable, MP3 get a clickable button, but error message 'no longer in your range' on click. EDIT: Confirmed, i can attack Sagewoman's trace, too.

Shape Shifter is currently offline at GoE, druzik online at Paper Cabin, and it's been 20 minutes since either of them _really_ was at GoE.

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I can still attack any MP6's traces at all times, and MP4 traces sometimes.
I mean, not that i do it all the while, but... is it cheating if it happens on the plain normal interface?

Without wishing for a debate on the moral values of attacking people who already fled, i think something should be done about the status of our poor protectors. It's just not very nice when you can be attacked by somebody who's not in your scene xD

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I actually filled out a bug report for this to Chewett last year, which he sent off to Muratus.

It's actually easier to do on NON-alliance members than alliance members.

Hopefully it gets fixed soon, but it has been tested fairly thoroughly and apparently isn't very abusable (the conditions are hard to meet, in most cases)

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