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Yoshi's Memories


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As some of you may know, Yoshi has been plagued by constant headaches for the last couple months or so, and today he had a particularly rough one. He was in the archives, where there's little sounds except for the flipping of pages, and suddenly he just collapsed. He was waking up spontaneously, shouting things about memories and such. It was mostly gibberish, but there was a sort of... organized chaos to it... mostly he was shouting about someone trying to kill him, and about someone replacing his memories of what had happened before his time in MD. There was also something about pink dragons... and then bacon... then more gibberish... then cake... anyways where was I... ah yes. Yoshi then fell into a deep sleep, and when lifting his eyelid, you could see his eye moving a mile a minute.

Those that were present deduced that he was in the process of dreaming. A wizard in training was there and sought to do some magic he was reading up on. In short, after much arguing over if he should do it or not between the several that were there, he went for it. He copied all of Yoshi's memories, his mind if you will, into a stack of blank books that were on the table. One of them that were there, said this was like reading someones diary, and that they shouldn't open it. Unfortunately, another had already opened the top book, and had begun to read it. Not too long after, when he tried to flip the page, it wouldn't budge. He tried ripping it, tried slicing it, nothing would work. The wizard in training laughed at his feeble attempts. He then explained that the mind has its own locks and keys, and when he copied the memories, they came with it. The only way is to figure out what the previous pages are trying to tell you. They then reread the pages, but could not for the life of them understand the word to unlock the next section.

They gave up on it, and told the wizard in training to just get rid of the books, as they could not unlock the rest. The wizard was obedient, but not in the way they thought. He didn't quite get rid of them. He took a piece of paper, placed it next to the stack of books, and merged them into one. They just saw the stacks disappear and were glad. He knew otherwise. This wizard in training is now looking for those who would like to attempt, to unlock the secrets, behind Yoshi's Memories. For the next week or two I will be taking names of those that post here stating that they would like to attempt to help. I will then sort everyone into groups of 3 and then give you further instruction. Good luck.

-Nicodemus Snowbeard (Wizard in training)

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