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Rp Heads To Other People


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I really dont mind this in the BCH,but the thoughts of it in the HC is one that I do not wish to see in effect.

HC is all about fighting,it has almost nothing to do with RP'ing.HC is a game of fighting using your creatures and brains,I wish to see it remain this way.The effect will make the game a game based on popularity....giving great fighters who dont RP well a great disadvantage.

So I've voted a no for this,because I want to see HC as what it is,a game of the warriors.

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[quote name='Burns' date='30 April 2010 - 07:40 AM' timestamp='1272609619' post='58980']
it's a charade anyways, I'd by no means say that Grido and Chewie are weak fighters, but... well, now i don't know how to end that sentence without saying it...HC was a popularity contest all along, if you have the right friends, they cover your abuses and help you, if you cross the wrong people, you are screwed.By no means is Heads about fighting anymore.Absolutely not.

Heads contest has never really been a straight out fight, its always been based on who you knew and who was helping you.

The reason that HC at mp5 has become a farce is that ANYONE who wants to can EASILY get forth place and $20 and such stat bonuses by just getting a couple hundread score...

Something needs to be done, because next month i think that there will be new mp5's that get the Gold HC medal just for being the only ones who participated.

and to be honest, Grido got Gold Heads? and Me likely to get this one? WHAT HAS HAPPENED?!?! im not one of the weakest MP5's anymore, about average, but compared to some people like Burns im NOT strong at all...

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