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I'm offering my help in this:

[*]Set your picture to Alpha Transparency
[*]Set your picture to correct size
[*]Set your picture to Gif
[*]Darken your pictures and edit them a little

If you have your avi ready but you need to do anything of the above
send me the picture by forum pm and tell me what you want me to do.
After getting it ready I'll send it back to you.

I have help a couple of players with some avatars.

I'm doing this because many people don't have the tools to do all this
stuff so I hope this help.

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sry to sort of hijack this post but I don't think it needs a new thread. I personally think these avy discussions should be sorted in a new personalized heading specific to avys. example: MagicDuel Forums > No Mans Land > Avatars > (topic heading). Its just sort of getting crowded by all the avy responses that it will difficult for new players to navigate.

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Well if someone can merge them it will be best. Maybe it's possible for a forum Moderator. Maybe they can be grouped in MD Artworks (former Artisans Guild). I think this can make easier for players to find information related to avatars. That's my opinion.

BTW: Poll removed, people ask me to remove it :)

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