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I am glad to announce that after several months, I think close to the amount of time a pregnancy takes, someone finally has solved enough riddles (of d00000m) to earn herself a WP.

And no, it's not Dst :) (Muahahaha)

Grats to *Indyra Sirenias*

She should be proud as she has the right to say that she was not just smart enough, but [i][b]persevered[/b][/i] long enough to get that first wp.
Yes, perseverance, because if you hadn't read the rules quite so closely, then you should realize that if, theoretically speaking, you have an unlimited amount of guesses, it just takes some time.

And for those people complaining as to why my riddles are so hard and bla bla bla, I will tell you this:
I hold my quests to a certain standard, and that standard is the difficulty akin to the Broken Tile Puzzle that Mur made, which gives you a WP.

Next time you complain, solve that thing first, then look at other people's quests which sometimes can be ridiculously simple/ extremely subjective, then come back and kiss my feet, hah!

Some people have also asked why I give so many riddles. Well, because 1 correct riddle could be a lucky guess. 2 could be lucky/google or wikipedia or other sources.
But 4-5? :), hehe, so many riddles force your mind to look at things differently, it forces you to readapt your mind to different concepts and perspectives.

For instance; I had a person who solved 3 riddles easily, but the last one he just couldn't solve, even though [i]I[/i] think it was an easier riddle to solve. It's a matter of perspective and I want you to prove to me that you can change it.

Also, Indy deserved the most prestigious of honors of having solved enough riddles; she gets to be called awesomeness by me :)

On occassion though, not too often.

Phantom Orchid is the 2nd who got the reward for solving enough riddles :)

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