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A Show Of Force 1 - Part 2

Muratus del Mur

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What I am about to say, is worth reading, even if it will be long, it clears a mystery at the very base of MagicDuel, a mystery guarded for years.

The answer to the question "Who killed Marind?", is something almost none of you knew. Some very smart figured it out but kept the secret and i thank them for that. When I had this story done for MD, by Adi, the one writing it, not even he knew who killed Marind. When initial project was done, you can't stop a writer with such a rich imagination such as his to continue writing and made up stories. This resulted in a wave of rumors and myths, all very damaging to how MD is built. Its not his fault at all, its the fault of those of you that could not let the questions STAY, for those that can handle them, and felt they should start ranting and bitching about how totally messed is MD and about how acient lore is broken and missing. Of course people ask, that was the point. You (and you know who you are) failed in understanding MD. First part of understanding MD is to respect its secrets and not share your stupidity and ignorance to others, amplifying their superficial belief that things are somehow wrong around here.
A new player, or even an old one, that did not bothered to much about the story, finds it easy to believe when he hears all your ranting and complaining and thinks its the way it is. That prevent some of the most beautiful minds around here to even atempt to understand MD, since they believe its nothing to understand after all.
Thank you for ruining the mechanism i tried to build..because in a way some questions without answer were part of that mechanism. MD worked fine untill you people shared your frustrations and incapacity to understand MD with the rest. Thank you for nothing.

- . - .--
What is the cube?
You all start in this fantasy world, MD, locked in a room with a spooky girls and some candles burning. Slowly you figure out the room is fully closed and that the girl is not a normal person. Eventually you exit that room, Marind takes you out of there and you enter MD world. You will notice Marind is now a ghost, and becomes more unreal as you move on in the story. Marind was very tangible in the room, in fact, in some story branches she can kill you too.
You find out if you know how to look, that you came out of a cube, and if you digg deeper into MD ,you find out everyone came from its own cube. Now i ask you, what is the cube?

The cube is the created bx around your soul and mind. It is not a natural construction, or it would have been a sphere. The cube is a symbol for borders, artificial borders. We all have our own cube we live in, be it the room we are in, the town , the closed group of friends, but most of all the borders of our own mind and understanding.
If that is our own cube, then who is marind? no one else could be in your own cube, except yourself! Marind is just a part of your self. In dream psichology for example, the little girl represents you the dreamer (I found that out later, its true). When you exit your cube, you have to kill some things in you, or they wont go well with the world outside. Childhood dies when you go out in the world, some misteries remain and other peoples worlds interfere.

You killed Marind. Each one of you. She doesnt even exist beyound your own cube borders. You seek to find her but slowly you loose her. The story never ends, it was never supposed to end. It has chapter 3, and a planed chapter 4, but it was never supposed to END. Marind dies and how can a ghost die other by forgetting her memory, getting her lost in the rants and the activity that follows after you exit your own cube...

The Carnival? you enter a world where others enter the same way, use your brain...

As you enter MD world, everything in MD becomes a mirror of yourself. Your fantasy world merges with the one of other people. You are not looking at an outside world but to a world within you. These symbols are not random thoughts that just sound nice. They are a clockwork of extreme perfection. The candles, the land weapons, the land balance, even the individual locations, they all make sense seen from this perspective.

Now you see why having any made-up ancient lore stories about who Marind was, is so fundamentally WRONG and damaging.Any bit of additional information on the past will ruin the clue that this world is not a fantasy world planed to be a fantasy world , but one that emerged from your fantasy and does not have and "Ancient Lore". Give it an ancient lore or made up stories about its past and you will alter its present meaning and unbalance all its symbols and its entire mechanism. Respect the question and the answer will respect you. Hurry with an answer and you will get just that, a fancy answer.

By what i said explaining this i killed a part of myself and a part of MD together with it. I dont expect those of you that made me do this to understand, but i expect the others to respect MD secrets more.

If you think i spoiled you the entire thing MD is about, you can't be more wrong. MD is more deeper than you can imagine, then the people working on it can suspect. If you care and know where to look, everything in MD is a intricate puzzle of logic and feeling. Even within this text i let you see more than one path towards other things to discover. MD is a private challange for each of one of you, but some of you just failed it.

This was the "show of force" in my own way.

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Why can't i ever just agree with Mur? -.-

[quote]As you enter MD world, everything in MD becomes a mirror of yourself. Your fantasy world merges with the one of other people.[/quote]
Don't even have to start being picky, you already put them together quite well.

If MD was just a mirror of each of ours individual fanatasies, how comes it's not empty for me?
So, it's a collective fanatasy, you'll have to agree on that.

As it is, collective fantasy requires more than one person, which is why Ady's story, great as it was, got banned, for it's just the stroy of one, not the stroy written by the collective fantasy. But that also implies that there IS a past, not the one Ady made up, but since the moment you and Akasha (for the sake of simplicity, i assume she was the first player other than Mur, and it doesn't matter if she is or not), things happened and history got written.
So, how can you say that history doesn't exist?

Cause, for anybody but you two, something had happened before they came around, and for them, it is history.
For you, it might be just past, but for newbies it's history, the happenings of times before they were born if you wish.

Therefore, MD is not just a fanatasy world that mirrors one self, but a fanatsy that mirrors all the people who ever were there, and as such, also Ady's fanatasy (once again, for the sake of simplicity i assume that he had an account at least). So, why can't you say that the bits of history he put forward were simply wrong? Instead of having them banned and bad and all, why not simply have them be wrong, like so many other theories out there are?

Because up to now, i seriously was under the impression that we are not to mess with the past, rearrange parts we heard of it to see if it makes more sense then, or just wonder how the hell that angien managed to get out of the box and what it means that he existed 'outside'.

I don't want to argue about Ancient Lore, i never accepted ideas without proper proof anyway, but there's that fine line between Ancient Lore and History, and as MD grows older, the line gets finer all the while, and specially people with IDs over 70, but also a lot of those over 30 already, don't really know about the times when things started, or met people who still had first hand experience...

So how about, instead of saying things are simply bad and banned, which sounds really hardcore, just say 'There once was a guy called Ady, who tried to research the old times, but failed'?
That way it might be a lot simpler for people to start digging in the past, because they don't have to be afraid of being yelled at for doing something they shouldn't, but at worst get yelled at for overlooking the <irony> most obvious </irony> facts derived from AL, Announcements, Scenes, Poems, Music etc.etc.

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im tired to explain, all i had to say is there already. i can just reformulate so you get it better. Adi was not a player, he was/is a brilliant writer that wrote a story discussed with me. ancient lore, means stories that explain the past of md, before it existed. As long as they don't refer to things outside md, md didnt existed before it existed, if you get my point..

I always support historic events that happend for real in md. One of the best examples is the Wodin story, a md character that existed, played, and created his own present. I agree to all histories, stories, legends, that once had a present. Adi's stories outside the ones officialy approved by me that were discussed by us two, never had a PRESENT. Those are baned. I cant approve your madeup stories about an inexistent path, when that path influences everybody.

Who is marind, why and how come the angien opened the box, how the lands formed, and so on..these are questions that do not need a lore or history to be discovered. Give them a history and you ruin it.

After 5 years of md you could shift the ancient lore concept to events that realy existed. You dont know "recent" history of md but you keep on talking bulshit about madeup ancient stories...i tell you why, nobody can say you are wrong, you can use it as you want and support your present with false memories, i cant allow that and of course those that do it dont like it. You have plenty of memories of things that realy happened in md.

Before md there was an empty mind, that slowly started to see its borders, then to see itself. It started to take shape and the reasons of its existance spread across its landscape creating the logic network, like a broken mirror shows fragments of the refleted image.

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Darling Mur....

I've always known in the back of my mind, that everything I do shapes MD as a whole. We all do. Funny how others don't get that.

Since I've entered this world, I reshaped it to fit Windy's view point. It has worked well for me. One day, I shall take over this world! And I will be very sweet and sneaky about it to!

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Upon reading this I have came to a realization. However before I wright anything I am not in anyway related to why this information was released I did not read the above because I wanted to just my curiosity gets the better of me some... OK all of the time.

This is my realization. Murs expectation is not for us to be bound by ancient lore, but I say we are still bound by lore. Now the very important key word is ancient in this case. Ancient lore is the creation of ideas that control our world though these can be muddled if before the creation. Now I can understand some people asking questions I mean it is human nature right. From almost the beginning of time we have been asking where have we come from where did we start what is the universe and by the way the answer to the ultimate answer is 42 for all of those who have read the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. We dont know where we came from yet we have no definitive answer in RL why should we have one here. Necrocrone, GG, Marnid bell,Lore root these are the first civilizations and still in RL we don't have an answer. What keeps this game unique and truly special is you experience as quoted by mur. Your lore is what happens not what has apparently happened. Your lore is your creation what you do right now defines you and as well defines the worlds history.

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[quote name='Muratus del Mur' date='29 April 2010 - 05:43 PM' timestamp='1272527034' post='58868']
You put it better than i could :)
i may not have been around as a lot of the peoples of the lands in MD, but.... to me, the sun rises in a wonderfull place called MD EVERY DAY, AND SETS EVERY NIGHT.. I dont want to know where it rises from, and where it goes, nor where it came from.. i'm just enjoying the warmth of MD every day i'm here.. sit back and listen.. its amazing what you can hear sometimes.. yourself..

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A point I would like to make about Ancient Lore is that it is very much like Religion.

Almost every single Religion has a text, the Bible of Christianity for instance. In this book, it is full of stories. Most of which COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED.

Ancient Lore is very much like these stories. It could not have happened, and we should not base our entire MD lives off of it. Very much like Religion. They SHOULD NOT base their lives off of the STORIES, but off of the MORALS of the stories. These morals are what make Religions so important, in some cases. Most morals are extremely important for our survival as a race.

Do Not Kill Thy Neighbour. (Not sure if that is the exact wording, but you know... I am not perfect, and I think that is another one actually... humility? >.>)

Do Not Steal

Do Not Impregnate Your Neighbours Wife

Etc, etc, etc.

Follow the morals of these stories, and you are set for a happy life, ie, heaven. Heaven is NOT some mystical place where a god resides, but what you make Earth to be. Heaven is just another allegory for happiness. And to get there, we must follow what the Bible's stories teach us. (Some of them anyways. :) I am sure some of them are not exactly relevant or necessary)

Anyways, make your own heaven, don't pay attention to the stories, but the story's message, and stop complaining about stupid things!

Have a good day!

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[quote name='Udgard' date='10 May 2010 - 10:30 PM' timestamp='1273548614' post='59676']
Yes, or more exactly, a part of ourselves.

[color="#006400"]To quote Mur on the answer for this since it was said in his speech: Marind is just a part of your self. In dream psichology for example, the little girl represents you the dreamer (I found that out later, its true). So in all her question was not needed to be asked if she just read through all of Mur's post.

Truthfully. The killer of Marind was no surprise to me. It was the cause of death that was the surprise for me. I thought that us the player killed Marind but I thought we killed when we solved the Mechanical device puzzle,(berserkers quest?) and the soul that was inside that mechanical device was Marinds and thats why the statue was destroyed. That was my thought on it as my first time solving that puzzle last weekend. Though to be completely honest Mur's post still fills me with more questions. None of which I shall ask for those are to be solved by me later. I truthfully think that now that this has been here for a few months and more new players are joining, and some older returning such as myself that had no idea of the ancient lore problems, I think these should be taken away and tried to be forgotten about. I don't think its helping anyone anymore, and those that have/had no idea of the ancient lore, nor of its existence, taking this all away would destroy us from having to know of it and from having to ever learn what it was. I think you Mur as the creator have all the power in this game and should not have to "Show force" in this big of a public display. Players should respect your feelings and opinions of the game as the creator. They should not be allowed to be just givin this kind of info just because they are whining about you taking something that you believe useless out of the game. Even at other games the designers destroy things that have no use to be filled with things that are of use. If players don't like it then that is thier opinion, but they should respect your decision to take it out.[/color]

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[quote name='Chewett' date='20 July 2010 - 12:40 AM' timestamp='1279604445' post='64199']
Which post? You do relise you could have PM'ed me or any other of the moderators... I need specifics so i can search the recycle bin for it.

the post i made that was where my last post currently is, that said that marind wasn't dead.

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I believe IAB was referring to the story mode ending in his post.

Even so, it IS quite incorrect that Marind is alive, if you are to believe not only Mur, but story mode itself.

However, you CAN say that she is alive in the sense that she still exists and can interact with you (perhaps other things, but it's unconfirmed as far as I know), but that isn't living, it's just existing.

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That's quite the opposite of what I said :blush:

Anyways, as Mur has said, I'm sure multiple times, his word is basically law in MD. What you're doing, IAB, is much like telling a math teacher that 2+2=4 doesn't apply because he only writes it on the chalkboard. Really, there's no logical basis in your statement that Marind is alive that I can see.

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