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Boss Heads Competition

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A new competition is about to get official. Before that,Mur is looking for a group of 10 to 20 champions that are willing to test drive this new kind of head contest. The test will start very soon.

If you are interested to Join This new Contest simply post here your name and ID Mur shall decide who he picks to run the test.

Junior ID: 43448

P.S. The Test fee is 1 Silver and comes with its risks so be careful before applying, because once chosen there is no turning back.

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All mp levels.
you cant exit during the test and , stats damage or partial account damage wont be restored or repaired, and massive issues will be fixed within weeks? Scare yet?

if not think also it will cost 1 nonrefundable silver.

If you are still not scared, then you can think this will be the next kind of major competition, like level 2 HC.
The reward for the winner of this test will be the same, or greater, than the one for the competitions later. I am thinking between a morph, wind, stats damage skill, new medal, a rare item related to this, or maybe a combination of these...not sure yet.

This will be a close combat without the advantage of hiding in remote locations.
The purpose of the test is to determine if major logic flaws appear, abuse methods or a tehnical issue with the contest itself. Overall it will be the same with a head contest on this test, nothing to worry about :) unless you don't like blood and heads splattered allover.

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[quote name='Juni0r' date='26 April 2010 - 08:45 AM' timestamp='1272242710' post='58615']
the anouncement doesnt specify so i assume all MP levels unless Mur changes it.

i want to apply for the test.. 

february (ID:170150; 

hope for your consideration.. thanks

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