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Fair Fight Zone

Fyrd Argentus

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Anytime, anywhere, if you say "Fair Fight [number]" it is a challenge to take you down with that size ritual.
Calculate based on total MAX (not adjusted) VE of the creatures.
Adjust for tokens only if it grossly changes the value of a creature.
If you use slider more than 0%, add that percent of your MAX (not wounded)VE.

Only enforcement - public humiliation.

[s]We need a place for combats between rituals of equal power, even if the players are not equal in size. This gives experience in setting realistic rituals in a competitive fashion, and lets us train damaging creatures. The Stairs to Champion's Challenge would be ideal for this, if it had a clickable to post the rules. I am asking for support of a clicable creation there.

1)Player announces SET with information about total VE on defense, plus tokens.
2)ONE player says "dibs" on that player, and secures the right to attack, with no more VE than was set. First "dibs on [playername]" in chat gets the attack rights.

1)Calculate power of a ritual based on MAX VE of creatures or players, not current wounded status. VE of players added carries with it player stats, while VE of creatures carry creature stats, so use of the slider is OK, but calculate based on % of MAX VE, not current VE. Stats are really what is important here, Max VE is an easy quick measure of creature value.
2)We might work out an exchange rate between tokens and VE in future, but for now, we need both bits of information.
3)This will be a place of honor and respect, no uninvited attacks, and offenders will be driven away expeditiously. I would like to elicit the support of the Knights of the Bell for this mission, if they are willing. I am presenting this to King Lifeline for his support.[/s]

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How many ways can i say no...

Dont start posting ideas on the forum DO IT, this is another pointless "i think X should happen" topic because it WONT happen unless you start it. And the idea of another area which is even harder to moderate because of the issue in all of those rules and regulations you have made.

Its an idea. And if you can get it working i will fully support it. But by working i would like to see people using it, well, and respecting the location.

otherwise i shall search for the numerous out "TRAINING GROUND XYZ" topics and point you to how well they are doing...

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the ggg is very damaging because newer players dont learn how creatures and the abilities and influences work in there. they get all they need in there but learn nothing.
as said above something similar (u know what i mean) is already established namely the fight club.
to many rules in a public place dont work. if players want to train like that they can agree on it and test/train it in a non populated area.
the idea is good but it means a lot of inconviniences for several people that arent necessary. people can always do that they just need to find a partner for it. it would for example be much easier to ask who is interested in this on forums, make a list there of people who want to try it and let them arange it privately. then no supervisors, enforcers, punishers, safeguards, ect are needed to keep the order

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