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Hello everyone!

Well, it's been ages ago since I've been here..
I don't think many of you remember or know me ;)
It's been 2 years and more and I can see that Mur and the rest were kind of busy all that time ^^

Well i'm going to explore and try to re-familiarise!


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probably take a look at the new fighting? xD
I'd start with figuring out the changes in the creatures, there were quite a few, and then get a grasp on the new questing-system :)

And find out a bit about all those new fancy alliances and kings, that's fun ^^

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I remember you, you were mp8 when I went to mp4.. so that's.. ages ago :)
Basically, you were 'old' when I joined, and now I'm considered old, so you're practically ancient now :)
Have fun re-exploring

Major changes have been in new creatures, new combat abilities, alliances have been redone, heat has been nerfed, there is now max honor, you can't attack across mp levels, magic has been introduced along with illusions, new places have opened up, winning and losing from mp4 and up have changed and storylines have been introduced and continued for a long time. Oh and items :D

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