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Search Interface In Personal Messages Page



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I have a new idea:

Is to add a search interface to the Personal Messages Page. Some days ago I was searching for a specific
Personal Message sent to me, long time ago, by *Mya Celestia*. The thing is that to find that PM I
deleted like 200 PM. This can be solved with a search interface in our PM's page. So we can write
a player name and find the messages sent by that player.


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PM's get automatically deleted after a 6 month period, and depending how many pm's you get, it can be horrendous going through the normal way

searching would be good i think, not entirely sure how in line it is with the rest, would have to be premium feature i'm thinking

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[quote name='redneck' date='19 April 2010 - 03:57 AM' timestamp='1271609874' post='58140']
nice bfg good thinking i tihnk that would help me alot cause i never delete pms cause im afraid i will loose an important one
Just remember to back them up, since they get deleted automatically anyway >.>

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that is a good way to make shure lazy fat people like me dont have to get off their duff, good job :(.

[quote name='Kyphis the Bard' timestamp='1271547480' post='58104']
I can't confirm this myself, but I have heard that PMs auto-delete after a certain age. So the search space shouldn't be to large.

I like this idea, I think it would be highly useful.

I think it should be released via the Shop though.
this is true, i lost your alliance one and now im not shure how to contact you...

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