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Wait Time In Story Mode

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Just started playing this game... its kinda interesting but during story mode, you get to choose rather or not to wait 3, 5, or 15min for a small % increase in your skill... just wondering if its worth it to wait.
Is this waiting a part of this game? Does it get better or worse further in the game?

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Generally, there'll be a lot of waiting, yes
Consider those periods as an opportunity to fiddle with something else, like exploring the forums while you wait in story, finding out about the history while waiting for your creatures, or simply wandering around while waiting for an important answer...

And about the storymode in particular, yeah, pick the longest options, it really pays for a starter, there are some stats in there you won't be able to make that easily otherwise... at least not so early in your MD-experience :D

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However it is important to understand that the game is only slow during story mode. It speeds up when you exit story mode. It then goes into free roam mode which allows you to play at a pace that you choose. This is not a waiting game it becomes active. I made the [b]mistake[/b] of quitting because that was all i [b]thought[/b] it was pick and choose and wait which there are already a lot of but when you get into game play I can explaine it as a brand new exsperance if you have the patience to make it there. I can guide you a bit once you get to that point but there are many people that will help you if you ask a bit in the paper cabin.

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From one new player to another: Yes this game does alot to test your patience, but as others already replied, there is alot of activity involved as well. Storymode is the biggest test of patience, your first time through isn't too bad as your maximum wait is 15 minuets (meaning you get out to free roam mode within an hour or two), take caution when you eventually decide to move up in MP level as then you may find yourself trapped in the story for several days without access to the game major. (Though, of course you can always take the small hit in stat % and choose the shorter waits again)

Overall this game is about exploration and community (and of course Roleplay). There are are also plenty of puzzles and quests around if you can find them (many of which are player created). Creatures and creature battles are a fair portion of the game as well, but you'll soon start finding creatures that require months of age to again test your patience.

I'd suggest doing like I did, and logging in at least every day(if only for a few minuets) for a few weeks. Explore, look around, talk to people, keep your eyes on the Mood panel and Announcements and see whats happening in the realm. I've been here about a month and seen multiple contests happen, Festivals, and had quite a few conversations with some interesting people. I hope you find that you enjoy the game as much as I have, but if not well better luck next time ;)

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