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Bloodprince Quest

Blood Prince

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The long… long… race is a collection of five small inter-connected phases which requires to a certain task. This is not a first in first out quest so take your time think about it and find the answer. Each phase will run for a predefined period of time. There will be no clues distributed in person all the clues will appear in my Q doc under each phase once a certain portion of defined time has elapsed.

There will be a point system in place and your standing will be published in the forum after each phase. The first 3 to have the highest points will win a WP each. No alts only main accounts.

Before you start please PM me in game saying you intend to take part in the Long…Long…Race.


[color="#2E8B57"][u]Phase I [Complete][/u][/color]
19 people officially signed up and the standings after Pase I are given below. Please note that [color="#0000FF"][u]these scores can change drastically [/u][/color]over the next few phases.[color="#FF0000"][b] Any person who did not try earlier phases can start at the current Phase and continue in the race but he will not have any points for the earlier phases.[/b][/color]

[*]Atrumist - 65
[*]Mighty Pirate - 59
[*]Nimrodel - 55
[*]Shnappie - 42
[*]Fyrd Argentus - 40
[*]dst - 20
[*]Indyra Sirenias - 20
[*]Kafuuka - 20
[*]addy - 10
[*]alazzah - 10
[*]Atlas - 05
[*]Yoshi - 05
[*]Awiya - 00
[*]Czez - 00
[*]Xanitia - 00
[*]Provetitelj - 00
[*]Phantom Orchid - 00
[*]Clock Master - 00
[*]Kiss my anthia - 00
[*]cascades - 00

Answer for phase I is Markove Primes + Fermat Primes = 65626

Phase II has started check my Q doc for more details

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