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Md Birthday Trivia Contests

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[b]Day 103 Year 5, I held a Trivia Contest to celebrate the Birthday of MD. Below are the questions, and who won them.[/b]

1. What is on BOTH posts in front of the hall?
DST's correct answer: A welcome sign made by Phantasm - 2 Silver

2. What is the name of the temple across from the Soldier's statue in the Tribunal?
Grido's correct answer: The Floating Book - 2 silver

3. Who was the First Visitor to the Land's of the East?
Roland's correct answer: The Postman - 2 Silver

4. What package did the Postman Deliver?
Tankfan's correct answer: Akasha and Liberty, a human package - 2 Silver

5. What does the note on the kitchen table in the Tribunal say?
Gridos' correct answer: The Sunny Bedroom upstairs is a private room, locked with keys, which i have. It is open for rent, for special meetings, dating, searching solitude or whatever the reason. The bedroom can be rented by 1 or 2 persons maximum at any time for a fee*. There are special rules that apply for the bedroom, but the privacy is absolute and guaranteed. For additional information contact me via PM in-game, or simply stop by. - 2 Silver

10 silver was handed out in total. Thanks to everyone that played the game. Happy Birthday Magic Duel

[b]Day 104 Year 5, Questions, Answers, and who won![/b]

What was Dst's head done with after it was chopped off and placed on the ground?
Correct Answer by Chewett: Put back on her shoulders upside down - 2 Silver

What did Mur offer Shadowseeker for his medals?
A Basket
no right answer was given

Who got the first Medal on day 103's event?
Correct answer by DST: Burns - 2 Silver

What guardian of Bob was before Z's time?
Renavoid, Speaker of the Dead
Correct answer by Leixer: Speaker of the Dead (Renavoid would also have been correct) - 2 Silver

Who was the first leader of the Guardian of the Root?
Correct answer by Firsanthalas: Nelya Setesh - 2 Silver

8 silver was handed out in total. Thanks to everyone that played the game. Happy Birthday Magic Duel

[b]Day 105, Year 5[/b]

1. What was Windy’s name before it was Windy?
Princ Rhaegar with the correct answer: Windspirit08 - 2Silver

2.What was lodged in Metal Bunny’s head during the Festival of Pain?
Princ Rhaegar with correct answer: An axe

3.Who are King Bulls Two Sons?
Windy with the correct answer: Parcu, Caru (gyrth would have also worked) - 2 Silver

4.In what order are the three names of Khalazdad?
King Bull with the correct asnwer: The black, The White, The Grey - 2 Silver

5.What month and year did Grido become Forum Mod?
Wizard of Heaven with the correct answer: December 2008 - 2 Silver

10 silver was handed out in total. Thanks to everyone that played the game. Happy Birthday Magic Duel

[b]Day 107, Year 5[/b]

On this the last day of the festival, The questions were geared up for the younger crowd. As each new year brings us new things, they also bring us new people. So only those under a year were allowed to answer these questions.

What fruit is Mur known as?
Phantom Orchid with the correct answer: Tomayo - 2 Silver

What creature shown on the beginning page opening the cube of MD though to be?
Phantom Orchid with the correct answer: Angien - 2 Silver

What is the name of the Forum that contains the Sub-Forum with the most posts?
Asterdai with the correct answer: No Man's Land - 2 Silver

Who runs the newest Alliance, the Tainted Warriors?
Nimrodel with the correct anser: Azrael Dark - 2 Silver

Who was the 5th actual named person in the Adventure Log?
Wizard of heaven with the correct answer: Akasha - 2 silver

10 silver was handed out in total. Thanks to everyone that played the game. Happy Birthday Magic Duel

38 Silver in total was given out for this event. Thank you everyone and I hope you all enjoyed the MD Trivia. Maybe by next year I will squeeze enough out of my coin bag to do another:P

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The 5 days of the festival are over. Here are all the questions, answers, and who got them. Almost 40 silver was handed out during this festival. Marvolo is to thank for 5 of them, and Sagewoman for loaning me about 6 so that we could bring a little fun and enjoyment to the festival.

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