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Tribunal Trivia! Mdbirthday Game

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Today, Day 103 Year 5, I held a Trivia Contest to celebrate the Birthday of MD. Below are the questions, and who won them.

1. What is on BOTH posts in front of the hall?
DST's correct answer: A welcome sign made by Phantasm - 2 silver

2. What is the name of the temple across from the Soldier's statue in the Tribunal?
Grido's correct answer: The Floating Book - 2 silver

3. Who was the First Visitor to the Land's of the East?
Roland's correct answer: The Postman - 2 Silver

4. What package did the Postman Deliver?
Tankfan's correct answer: Akasha and Liberty, a human package - s Silver

5. What does the note on the kitchen table in the Tribunal say?
Gridos' correct answer: The Sunny Bedroom upstairs is a private room, locked with keys, which i have. It is open for rent, for special meetings, dating, searching solitude or whatever the reason. The bedroom can be rented by 1 or 2 persons maximum at any time for a fee*. There are special rules that apply for the bedroom, but the privacy is absolute and guaranteed. For additional information contact me via PM in-game, or simply stop by. - 2 Silver

10 silver was handed out in total. Thanks to everyone that played the game. Happy Birthday Magic Duel

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