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So, because i'm bored and feel the urge to do something against it, [color="#FF0000"]MDP[/color] is my new training location, the Fight Club.
The halfway serious rules can be found in the [color="#FF0000"]signpost together with the SG-rules[/color].

I'd ask the veterans amongst us to not break clubbers on purpose just because you can, we know that you can, let some newbies have a go on them, too.
Of course you can still do that, some are always in need of honor, xp and wins, just go and kill when you feel the urge to, but leave the un-interested mp3/4 out of it^^

If somebody else feels like supporting that idea (strong but flawed rits), tell me about it and i'll add you on my list =)

Edit: Has been delayed to MDP.

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I like the idea very much Burns. Good one. It helps players learn some battle tactics, well at least those that actually manage to fight you. Too bad i can't join you, simply because i can't allow myself gaining unwanted experience. It's too valuable on MP4. But i would encourage others who would do the same as you.

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nice idea burns, i would like to suggest that there will be an mp3 and mp4 that will do the same, i mean a strong mp3 and mp4, to set different defenses, that way not only mp5 will have the chance to learn, the beginning state is the most crucial part of MD, so i think it would be a big help if there will be mp3s and mp4s doing the same as u, uhm i have asahina for mp3 but it only have 1 kind of ritual, not so strong but not that weak, that would be a good start for mp3

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My opinions about alts and lowleveling are no secret, and i'm definitely not going to waste my time with making mp3 and mp4 alts, they can come and join me on mp5 if they wish, or get an ally.

If you think that any of your alts sitting there would do any good, send me their names, but i'm almost completely sure that you won't be able to set any actually interesting rits with what little xp you have at hand... I needed about 6m to upgrade the critters i plan to use :/

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Spoke the unallied MP4, whose only target is Miq :P

We have better ideas than that, don't worry, but it's going to take some time til we use them...
At this point, even our very lame rits usually win, probably going to take a while until we set some better stuff -.-

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Due to circumstances beyond my control, Fight Club moves to the Marble Dale Park (Dojo, Sparring Grounds, etc.).

Obviously, now it's pretty important that MP4 fight club users only attack the MP4 on the list, no others.
On MP5, it's the same as before, anybody who's there can be attacked.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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