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Item Script Edit Wish Is Bugged


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Well, I happen to have an item which is scriptable, and I happen to have bought the feature out of wishshop..too bad it still keeps telling me i'm not allowed to.

I assume it's because it's still in testing, but could I get this when it does work?

And the wish should be fixed imo..or taken out for now.

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i removed it from wish shop (well its at 999 wp so its same as removed). The item you have its from my tests yesterday. I will use it for the test and when its done it will remain with the editing capability. You will get the wish too once its working because i will be using your acc to test this since mine is beyond messed when it comes to access to items, and with the new logs i can't afford people seeing who my alts realy are :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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