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For some reason, more newbies appeared without flag since that update-procedure... and i say more because i can't find any flags on somebody under 2 days, but The One might be somewhere out there still... unlikely, yeah, but i can't say no newbie got a flag without checking all of them, can i?

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hmm ...yes...I had this problem with some of my alts... and it did not last only 2 days.... some believe that is a network problem... most of the newbies without flag are from Romania

I checked on all of my alts and... on the recent ones... there was no flag... on the older forgotten ones there is...

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I've done some testing and almost sure that flag assigning to each char is kinda messed up for now since the upgrade. until it's fixed, mostly all will get the last flag we had before the upgrade, no matter if you move to other country or just by using proxy.<br><br><br>so, i think it also effected the newly created characters as they're not being assigned with a flag.<br>

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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