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Log Room Suggestions/ Changes/ Ideas

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I had a couple ideas or whatever for the Log Room, and since it's still in work, wondered if anyone had their own to suggest too? Like other log records you'd like to be able to see?

Creature Transfer Logs
- Could the age before transfer be listed? I personally want it so that i can compare the prices of a creature at different ages, but generally i think it might be a nice addition
- Token count looks broken on it, but it's still in work so i'll be shush there :huh:

Wishpoint Logs
- Would it be possible for the Details (Premium Addition) to be text? Rather than a hover over? I have to admit this is a selfish request so that i can copy paste the logs and get all the info with it. But other people might want it too, I dunno.

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[quote name='Czez' date='26 March 2010 - 04:08 PM' timestamp='1269619702' post='56928']
In the Creature Transfer Logs, if a creature is traded more than once in a day, only the last transfer is displayed. It would be nice to see each step.

Spell Logs could be useful.

Currently the system would need to be changed to show the transfere, as it only shows the 1 transfere per crit, I dont think that its worth spending the time chaning the system for something that would be "nice"

and do we really need spell logs?

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[quote name='Czez' date='26 March 2010 - 06:08 PM' timestamp='1269619702' post='56928']
Spell Logs could be useful.

Sure they could. For you. You got tired of keeping track of my spells? Or you missed some of them? Or is too hard to keep track since we are on different time zones?

We need logs for things that can be highly abusable not for my 5 cats of send to gazebo.

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Illusion Logs (when Illusions become used more).
- These could be used in MD Court if someone had robbed/stolen/cheated someones creatures/items/etc. whilst under a false name (caused by an illusion).

Avatar Transfer Logs.
- There are Creature Transfer Logs and Item Transfer Logs so why not log the trasfer of avatars? Personally, I think anything that can be transfered sould be able to be reliably logged. I would have said Spell Page Award Logs if the old RPCs were still able to award spell pages.

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