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Wps Gone Bad

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[quote name='Grido' date='05 April 2010 - 08:50 PM' timestamp='1270500618' post='57689']
I cant speak about the other WP's, but why should anything happen to Mya for my asking her to reward Cutler a WP?(Which was a WP code that i had given her to use)

if you read what i have posted i said it needs to looked into.

its quite obvious that no one has a clear view of what is allowed and isnt, and there is no point us arguing about it since only Mur will be able to clear this up. His word will be definitive and will also set a precident.

As i said in my post, "Something needs to be looked into this..." and im sure that Mur will be able to tell us whats right and wrong and sort this issue out once and for all.

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[quote name='Shadowseeker' date='27 March 2010 - 09:16 AM' timestamp='1269699360' post='56989'] Uh..since when does a WP have a time limit? I even went and checked what you just said. [2009-11-10

One thing that I do admire about the Guardians is that they do not intentionally try to break the rules of the realm. This wish point fiasco, in my opinion, has only been brought about as a big deal o

Here is the list of the WP awarding that I find at least weird. I will not comment on them so you'll not say I am mean. I will just post them (details included): Receiver Giver WpId

I am pleased to announce that half of the goal of this topic has been achieved. Since I made the topic, all the awarded wishpoints were fair given. The quests were public, announced in time, the reasons were real (not fake ones - except maybe a case or 2 were the one giving the WP tried to see how much she/he can bend the rules).

So...congratz! See? it's not that hard.

ps:if i see more rules bending i will announce them:not as "bad things". Just as rules bending. And it will be a subjective opinion. So don't start screaming and yelling. You'll have the opportunity to comment on it.

pps:don't mind my spelling. today i have a bad spelling day...

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This begs the question of whether you will close this topic or leave it open?

I suggest closing it rather than leaving it for others to post WP abuses in, as otherwise you will get people talking about the original list you posted again. And people are rather inclined to create their own topics anyway, even if one already exists ^_^

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i have read everything, and i saypeople seemed to be arguing out of nowhere.
the WP list was made available, and in a way this helps us all "moniter" whats going on, i think the ability should be set further into the game though. at a deeper age, purely for RP reasons. Pepole should learn that these things dont matter when you are a young age, there is amuch more to learn then knowing about these things.

However DST was totally right for bringing up any discrepancies hich were found, and if i was looking i would have done the same thning, i dont think this has Anything to do with a Loreroot based "attack".

ive been ivolved in something and i feel ashamed of it, although i should not. i would be willing for the WP to be taken away from me if they need to be, but it wasnt nessercery.
I dont want to go into it, because its not nessercery and the end of the matter reached as i was worried, myself recieving it i spoke with mur about it.

by showing to us all, DST is just doing the things we dont have time or patience to do, which is very handy, a topic like this should stay open, and if Anyone has any queries they should let someone know.

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