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[b][font="Comic Sans MS"]I totally agree with Awiya's ideea about making token fights work only with...well...tokens
this way it will be more balanced and won't damage the amount of income to the game because you can still buy them as you wish but only use them against other players with tokens in a fare level...

Jester had a somehow counter-ideea to that like : "if you have a tree with claw in def you can get attacked by tokened drachs " (or something like that) ... so I am saying this : So what?...Its a risk you must take ...and I am sure that a tree in def its not set to WIN ... so by getting attacked by drachs or bla bla bla creatures with tokens will be the same result as getting attacked by creatures without ! [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif[/img]... because the rit was set to lose on purpose...

I have an idea also

first of all: I saw through the posts that to each single idea someone says a counter-ideea not thinking "maybe 2 or more are applied"

nr. 1) Tokens should be bought ONLY with REAL money... this way the number of tokens will be REALLY reduced considering that over 80% of the players dont actually pay...

I know your counter-ideea about this will be : "Players wich actually pay still have an avantage" , true... but ... If a second ideea is applied (nr.2)... like Awiya's ideea wich I talked about earlier in this post, will eliminate the counter-ideea.

Therefore I consider that it should be applied 2 or more ideas from this topic...so that no counter-ideas may show up...the ideas 'protecting' each other.

for example If at least these 2 ideas are applied I don't see any reasons to put the tokens higher in the shop...or moving to WP (wich will almoast eliminate the income)..or changing the token boosts..or anything else [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img]

P.S.: by 'this topic' I mean the whole Token Poll thingy...not this reply only... some of you may misunderstand >_>[/font][/b]

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angiens are unstoppable, but if you get auras of UP and TS to work, then you can neutralize them for example.

so angiens would be > then drach rituals, and combined rituals of TSs, UPs, and other creats you want would be > then angien rits.
more thinking then? Mur pwease fix the auwas ;)

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[quote name='wizard of heaven' date='22 March 2010 - 10:49 AM' timestamp='1269276573' post='56765']
[b][font="Comic Sans MS"]...and I am sure that a tree in def its not set to WIN ... so by getting attacked by drachs or bla bla bla creatures with tokens will be the same result as getting attacked by creatures without ! [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif[/img]... because the rit was set to lose on purpose...[/font][/b]
Trees have more uses than just to farm losses with :/

And besides, that's just one example.

It could be a grasan with claw 1

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i thought about tokens as something to be implemented as part of the gameplay, not only the shop.

Now you do realise that that changes the entire problem. Imagine tokens could be aquired in altars, by saryficing a similar creature will get you one random token on an other one. Or something like that.

I stoped integrating tokens in other parts of the game and let them only in shop....not sure why...but i will resume it eventually.

Creatures are indeed unballanced.

One thing i was hoping you learned in MD untill now is that things change, they allways do, and before they do you should enjoy them. If tokens are ultra powerfull, fine, use them, your stats wont get resets because you gained them with tokens. Complain about them, that is even better, it makes me FIX the issue much faster, but do not "suffer" from it.

In the "future" of md, tokens might get to be something tottaly different or of different importance, and you will all laugh at whats now. Once there was no xp cap if i remember right, nothing else than attack and steal life, ..and so on.

If all of you "abuse" then game is ballance, if only some do, then i need to think why those do and others not. In case of tokens the issue is money, and regardless how BAD the situation is, because its really bad but i stopped complaining, i don't like tokens or drachs to be a sneaky way of draining money out of the players.

Long ago drachs were what literaly saved md from being closed, now the combination of highly unbalanced things in the shop is what keep it alive. Probably when things will become better worldwide, i will be able to ignore income and focus more on a balanced shop. If i do that now, there will be a ballanced shop but i will have to pay expenses myself and i wont do that anymore.

So thank the ones buying whats in the shop, get them if you can for free, by trading , free credits, whatever, because its possible..complain about it, enjoy it... but don't let yourself get morally crashed because of it.

Things will change, sooner or later...and regarding tokens probably sooner. (drachs later)

What is the worse scenario??? you get "beaten" by others ? Come one..really now, you purpose in MD is to be the happiest grinder of them all and beat anyone you can see? Actualy i can name a few well known fighters that got there without paying 1$.

More and more things will get fixed, but they are not actualy broken right now. As long as you can still be in MD and do whatever you are doing, things should be considered "fine" or at least "as they are". The rules are the same for all. Unless someone si cheating and you have no ideea how (note the mention) then you can worry and that person will get punished (for not sharing the cheat :)))

I am a bit sad to see things getting better than they were, yet complains to remain at same constant level. The good part is that at least now people take their time to actually make GOOD suggestions that i can use, and thats very important. Speaking of that, new regen times and alliance/land changes comming soon, decided by your kings.

p.s. do you realy want me to remove all tokens and also all drachs? will that make things better? Its almost a retoric question, but think of it and you will see why things are not as black as they look.

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