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Check Creature Info Script

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Since it looks like people have been using my Angiens Taint detector to test and check creature info for transfers, trades, and other reasons, I have updated the script.

New Additions:

User Id: Next to the user id the name of the player is now shown.

Creature type: Next to the number is the creature type name

Make sure you only enter (or giveaway) a partial CTC so your creature cannot be stolen from you.

This script resides at the Angiens signpost in MB.



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[quote name='apophys' date='02 March 2010 - 07:47 PM' timestamp='1267577254' post='55658']
The Angien's Shrine takes 100 AP to get to and 70 to leave. I doubt the script there will be used much anymore.

Well, when you go in there to recruit an Angien, what else are you going to do to spend the time waiting for the AP to leave?

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