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Too much story leaving me without directions...

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I have to agree that the story mode needs some brushing over and I do not like the reactions to a valid point brought forward in constructive language (troll etc.). This will make criticism disappear and lead to a weaker game than possible.

In general, I am impressed with the range of new ideas and nice balancing rules, but the story mode (apart from the first intriguing interactive part) feels more like the old playing by numbers book RPGs, the story-line is - just for my taste - a bit stale, filled with redemption, the unexpected transformation theme which is also mirrored in the language used (which is generally very good and sophisticated, but somehow does not completely blend with the storytelling). I believe the link between environment and topic could be exploited, giving hints for the exploration of the terrain etc. For me, the 24 hour waiting period looks like a test in delay of gratification, but the play value is very limited, waiting is not the most exciting part of online games, especially when this period seems arbitrary and not story-linked.

Those are my five cents, not to be mistaken for a negative impression of the game or expression of a troll-kin nature...

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as i said in an other topic related to magic, from my point of view this game choses its players not the players choose this game. who doesnt like the story or the way the games forces you to play it bit by bit will eventuay leave because he will think the game is not playable, but who fits the profile of player i am looking for will love the game and the game will seem amazing and very friendly for him.

because of the very different player types out there, and the very different concepts of this game, there is no way in the world this game will become a commercial thing that will target 80% of the market like other games do....plain stupid games in my view. My target is that playergroup that value quality and the oportunity to explore a new thing more than the plain addiction to allready overused game concepts.

I've been accused that this is a private game only for some players, yes it is, it is a private game for the players playing it , all of them :) and as you get more active days it gets even more private to you :)

The most dificult part in its development is to keep focus and filter out of all your opinions those that can improve the base ideeas this game was founded on, apart from the ones that only try to change the game in something you are more used to.

If you play other online games you will see they all have similar standards and even similar engine most of them, its pathetic, same like strategy games that are now only variations of the initial game successes, rpg games are no longer adventure games are only "play by pattern" games. I assure you that as long as i will be able to walk and talk and type, this project will turn into a differen type of adventure than you are all used to.

To most important gameplay changes and the real adventure will come when the game will be running with enough active players, until then i continue to update it with engine update, story update, bug fixes, gameplay changes and so on, to make it better and better, but the real game experience you will have later when it will be bigger. unfortunalty i dont have the required manpower and finance to raise this project quicker, so it will probably take some time for this to happen.

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When I first saw the 24 hour wait period option, I was kinda bummed. But then I realized that my stats would double. I have no problems waiting 24 hours for my stats to double ; )

My biggest issue with this game is the english. I would not consider it horrible, but the person typing this stuff is no english major. Then again, I probably could do no better so I guess I have no right to complain about that :D

Another thing that would really make this game beautiful would be some color in those graphics. Don't get me wrong, I love the pictures but some color would make it even better. I probably speak out of ignorance though. I mean it would probably take ALOT of time to color in those graphics.

All in all, I think this is the best browser game I have ever played. I am even thinking about setting up a subscription or at least try to figure out how to buy stuff from the shop. Still can't figure that one out.

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