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The Impossible Labyrinth

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WP #2: Yoshi
WP #3: Pipstickz

(Atrumist is getting a special circumstance due to not knowing for certain if he completed it or if it was a storage fault from the previous completion list, message has been sent to him)

As a note, daaaamn quicker than i thought it would get done in, an additional update, which fixed and altered the labyrinth got put up after you each completed, so that is up for you to play with now, WP's will be given out later tomorrow.

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Since the competition is now over, I wanted to announce that the "impossible labyrinth" will be a permanent addition to the astral plane and will provide a route to enter the GG astral plane in the same way the normal labyrinth does to enter GG. Only there will be no problem with exiting the GG astral plane back to no mans land. The bridge out is always open.

Also those who are able to solve the impossible labyrinth will receive a labyrinth completion trophy in their astral interactive inventory which when used at the entrances to the labyrinth will teleport you past it. Currently the trophy is being drawn, but when it is finished I will transfer the trophy to the 3 current winners and in the future anyone who is able to complete the maze will receive it automatically.

I want to commend Grido for a unique maze idea and after a few hiccups a successful maze opening and quest. Also congratulations BFH LIGHTHING, Yoshi and Pipstickz.



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