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lol just as they said above, he CAN give away the iron bar so he DOES own it and thus HE ISN'T NOT THE RIGHTFUL OWNER... bla bla bla as to why i should get the iron bar, it's to spare you the pain and anticipation of actually waiting for somebody to come up with a good reason as to why they should get the iron cz me and you and everybody else know that whoever takes it will take it ( i doubt they'll give it back ) and plus, I dnt have anything in my inventory so that would be a plus...

(would you mind if i said hi to Fyrd) hi Fyrd

oh and to continue, as to what i'd do with it ... well i want to have sth in my inventory so i guess i won't do anything (perhaps keep it to show that i won this contest) or well trade it for sth else to put in my inventory...

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I believe you should give me the bar because i go through periods of obseesion and for a period of two years the use and creation of japanese weaponry was one of those obsessions, another such obsession was in the art of working a forge - albeit brief obsession.

To create a katana you need a soft iron or steel core and a hard layer of iron/steel on the outside this gives the blade flexibility to prevent it shattering, the outer layer should be tempered repeatedly some katanas even being folded hundreds of time to guarantee a lack of impurities

As the above explanation shows a have a knowledge on how to create the weapon you desire and thereby am an obvious choice.

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2 years?

Sorry, but unless you're a genius with such kind of things you shouldn't be a fully trained smith for a good katana...

I don't like the way this explanation goes either.

Since up until now nobody has actually bothered to talk to me over it with several good reasons, I'll close this. If anyone wants to attempt, they can try to message me.

Edit: Yes, I am a patient man. And I was waiting for someone not only to show initial interest, but also some more over time.


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