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Magicduel In Google Chrome


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I've started to use google chrome, but MD doesn't work on it... I've searched here for topics about it and I've seen that MD is blocked not to be opened in chrome cause it didn't work well when chrome was at it's beta version...

Chrome is now in a stable version since 25/jan/2010, not in a beta version, and it is now the 3rd most used web browser in the world, so I think Mur should consider making MD playable in google chrome, if possible.


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Crome would work fine with Magicduel (99% Sure)

mur wanted people to test different browsers and im sure he gave a link to bypass the page (but i cant currently find it) if you can get a browser header for chrome he said he would allow them, but im too lazy to go google one right now, So perhaps later i might.


the browser check is there because some features don't work well on other browsers than the major ones. Its true this is like that for a very very long time and things both in game and in browsers changed a lot since last time i checked.

I can remove the browser restriction and attempt to do a test again to see how some browsers perform..but i run only ff , ie and safari so if any of you is willing to do a complete test on a different browser, i will need the exact browser headers to allow them for the test.

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Before installing chrome, I used Firefox and sometimes there where some things really slow like showing and closing the realm map, or showing combat action (It's not because of the internet connection, cause I have a fast one).

I've used the user agent switch on google chrome to try playing MD in chrome, and I should say that what I tested, chrome is way faster than firefox... those things I said that where slow in firefox, in chrome are really faster...

I think MD should be fully tested in chrome and if it's all ok, then maybe take the restriction of MD to work in chrome.

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any time, who is up for a detailed test?
i can enable it for chrome for a day, you should be hiper active in that day and see what things dont't work. Things that i need tested and that could go wrong are menu, stat update, refresh triggered by spells, locations with many people online, navigation, ally chat, heat store and heat load and general things throughout the interface to make sure they all look and work fine. Most problems come from flash version.

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[quote name='Chewett' date='08 June 2010 - 06:20 AM' timestamp='1275974400' post='61336']
If you enable it during Sat/sunday this week i will have some time to test it.

I'll try helping in the testing as much as I can too

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